Fernandez Accused Of Heresy (Again), & The Vatican Is Trying To Distract You With Their Freemasonry Declaration

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Another day, another Dubia answered while outrage builds about what Rome did to Bishop Strickland.






Bishop Strickland



NOTE: Bishop Strickland has said that Terry Barber got the quote about the Deposit of the Faith wrong, that he was told not to emphasize the deposit of the faith, which isn’t much better.

https:// infovaticana.com/blogs/cigona/extraordinario-aguer/



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6 thoughts on “Fernandez Accused Of Heresy (Again), & The Vatican Is Trying To Distract You With Their Freemasonry Declaration

  1. It seems that nearly every day brings a new deliberate attack on the traditional Deposit of Faith. While no one knows the day of Jesus’ return, it is hard to imagine how it can be long in coming given the repeated heresies and apostasies of Bergoglio and his merry band of homo-heretics.

  2. It seems that this present pope is determined to present the Catholic Church as a place that offers freedom TO sin, rather than freedom FROM sin.

  3. [ all emphases mine ]


    Benedict XVI . . a modernist ??? . . Tutcho
    Fernandez ?? . . “he speak with forked tongue !”

    It’s 4:39am [ mountain time ]. Just back from
    my early morning “Time Hortons” cup of
    coffee . . small . . dark roast . . three milk,
    one sugar. “Tim Hortons” is my other name
    for “Canada”.

    Every year they design a special go-cup for
    this season. The 2023 cup features a walrus &
    a raccoon, the walrus wearing a winter tuque,
    the raccoon wrapped with a winter scarf. The
    raccoon Is handling two wrapped PRESENTS.

    Their tails are enjoined and “ballooned” to form
    a HEART, and, WITHIN the heart: “TIM HORTONS”.

    Thus this year’s “KISSMOOSE” go-cup effectively
    cancels not only Christ and Christmas, but even
    fat-bellied “Ho-Ho” Sanna Clawss . . leaving the
    mobile Tim Hortons masses [ or at least in this fast
    growing Prairie town ] only with a caffeine taste
    in their mouths . . or a de-caffeinated non-taste.

    Thus the not-so-subtle Tim Hortons’ philosophers
    & designers—who KNOW what they’re doing, AND
    what their CEOs intend—are very much in sync with
    our Globalist Prime Minister [ Just(?)in Trudeau ],
    and ALL Globalists, i.e., NOT to “keep
    ‘Christ’ in Christmas”, but to ”Keep ‘Christ’ O U T
    of Christmas.”

    Well . . “BLESSED CHRISTMAS !” to all . . anyway.


    The reason why my favourite Norwegian Polka [ and ALL
    HAPPY music ] injects JOY into “me heart” is because
    even these earthly joys trace back to the Birth of
    poverty-choosing Baby Jesus . . having CHOSEN to
    become one of us and our whole sin-tainted world.

    Let us pray:

    “Lamb of God, Who TAKES AWAY the Sin of the World,
    . . . spare US. . graciously hear US. . HAVE MERCY

  4. Most Loved Anthony ,

    Yes !!! The sin of presumption . Fernandez and his ilk reveal themselves as Protestant . The presumption once saved always saved . This presumes only heaven and no hell . While God’s mercy is infinite , as St.Faustina shared , this presumption asks any of us to declare for ourselves “Jesus I trust in you “ . Without Adoration and a recognition of His Real Presence , communion becomes scandalous , as St.Paul wrote ,
    inviting wrath and justice .

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

    1. Important distinctions, Dr. Scott, with thanks!

      A further distinction would be to clarify for
      our separated Brethren, that, “Once REDEEMED,
      always REDEEMED”.

      SAVED ?? . . well, we’ll know that “for sure” the minute
      or two AFTER we have expelled our LAST breathe.

      Meanwhile, while we CONTINUE TO BREATHE [ pure
      gift through our Saviour ! ]; with that very breathing
      let us continue to employ OUR “vessel of Trust”
      [ St. Faustina ] with all our might:
      “Jesus, I trust in you” !

      Blessings, Dr. Scott, from windblown Prairie Grandpa .


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