One thought on “Fatima And The Errors Of Russia

  1. There is no question Anthony that what you said is 100% true. It is also true that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is an agent of Marxism. Thus all the powers of the world are being directed towards a Godless Communist world order worse than Soviet Russia.

    Most people now are becoming quickly subservient to this New World Order as we travel the path to a living hell on earth. The subservience with which most folks followed government orders*** in our current virus “pandemic” illustrates how sheep-like we have become.

    It seems to me—given the complicity of the Catholic Church —that the only solution will have to be imposed by God in the form of the Great Chastisement which we have been repeatedly warned about. But we didn’t listen. Pray the rosary and do penance.

    ***Unprecedented Government Malfeasance article:–UpcsEuN9pW_n9IMpDRlrfuVsyA5W6fxEd2kOzzP54MAjMeBllJlTQI6YDiC847LTOJ1mKzipCo6EyYHVtYpV3u-wWSQ


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