Faithful Laymen Publicly Challenge Pachamama Worshiping Bishop To Repent

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The bishop is, predictably, not impressed by their request.






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One thought on “Faithful Laymen Publicly Challenge Pachamama Worshiping Bishop To Repent

  1. FRANCIS ! . . Francis, Francis, Francis . . POPE Francis, Francis
    the man of Oct. 4, patron of ecology, fuzzy rabbits, and chocolate
    Easter eggs.

    But who WAS the “Poverello” anyway? My favourite depiction of
    him is wearing HIS brown ragged tunic, with a cut-a-away
    showing the wound of the spear in his side, besides the holes
    of the nails in his hands a feet. ( artist: Cimbue ?)

    However, WHERE has anyone SAID anything significant
    about him? In my own reading, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
    sure did, as did her confessor, St. Claude de la Colombière,
    and, after the institution of the Feast by Rome, the Polish
    Hierarchy were the first to compose a Liturgy around it,
    and, “down the road apiece”, a young Fr. Wojtyla —later
    Pope John Paul II —always prayed before an altar of
    the Sacred Heart. His meditations on each of the
    invocations of the Litany of the Sacred Heart, are well-
    worth contemplating. OK . . the historical facts follow:

    On Oct.4, 1673, (having made her simple Vows) Christ
    gave St. Francis of Assisi to Margaret AS HER LIFELONG
    GUIDE. In her own words:
    “On the feast of St. Francis, our Lord let me see in prayer
    —after holy Communion —this great saint. Clad in a
    garment of light and unspeakable brilliance. He had been
    raised above the other saints to an extra-ordinarily high
    degree of glory, BECAUSE his life was so like that of the
    suffering Redeemer who is the life of our souls and the
    love of our hearts. His glory was the reward of his love
    of the Passion of our Lord, a love which rendered him
    worthy of the sacred stigmata, and made him one of the
    favourites of Jesus’ Heart. By a very special favour he has
    been given great power, in applying to the faithful, the
    merits of the precious blood, a power which made him
    in a sense the mediator of this treasure.
    After I had seen all this, the Divine Bridegroom, as a
    token of his love, gave me St.Francis as my soul’s guide.
    He was to lead me through all the pains and sufferings
    that awaited me [ in promoting this NEW feast of the Sacred
    Heart of Jesus . . in a Catholic Culture which had grown
    COLD because heavily influenced by Jansenism, where
    love of God didn’t EVEN factor in, in Liturgical devotion.
    Excessive SERVILE FEAR did.]

     —A. Hamon, Vie de la Bienheureuse Marguerite-Marie,1908,
    Paris: Gabriel Beauchesne & Cie, p.125/ quoted by Timothy
    T. O’Donnell, S.T.D. in HEART OF THE REDEEMER, Ignatius
    Press, foreward by John A. Hardon, S.J.,1992, p.128.

    Pope Francis has gone to the other extreme. Servile fear for
    him would belong to his category of “rigid”. Even unrepentant
    serious sin, SEEN AS SUCH, is “rigid”, as if in sync with Martin
    Luther’s famous dictum: “Sin as much as you want, but
    BELIEVE more!”


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