3 thoughts on “Faithful Catholics Issue BLISTERING Challenge To Bishops At Synod

  1. [ all emphases mine ]

    October 6, St. Bruno, Carthusian, Patron of the
    diabolically possessed.

    Anthony, thank you for bringing these truly Catholic
    women to our attention . . and thank you Diane
    Montagna for posting.

    “BLISTERING” ? . . let’s just say a NORMAL CATHOLIC
    shout-out, honouring and summoning the single, the
    just-married, the expectant and mothers-to-be, in
    whose believing, joy-filled and nurturing presence
    a newborn infant IS SURE to be fed, to sleep, to
    experience THE SURE LOVE of Mom ( AND Dad).

    Let all “discussing heads” STOP discussing while
    deliberately ignoring, or failing TO PONDER DEEPLY,
    the ever-ongoing GIFT of yet one more inalienable,
    infinitely precious NEW LIFE. A real infant. The Son
    of God let go of His Divinity so as to become the
    total neediness of a newborn baby.

    For THIS “Prairie Grandpa”, just KNOWING about
    these committed Catholic women is to rejoice in
    the SECURITY of a real future for all Society. How
    MANY more of them are “out there”, who haven’t
    [ yet ] given their “shout out” . . or don’t know how?

    But, of course, the Eucharist —the REAL PRESENCE —
    remains the Eternal Well where thirsty Mom’s, and
    ALL women, can discover THEIR “genius of
    Womanhood”. [ St. John Paul II ].

    1. P.S.

      “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”

      What kind of “hand” rocked Leninist Klaus Schwab’s
      cradle? . . or his insane guru Juval Harari’s?

      English mystic, Caryll Houselander, was belatedly
      baptized at the age of nine. She dubbed herself
      subsequently with the lively and colourful “tag” of
      “a Rocking Horse Catholic”. Cradle-rocked and
      rocking horse schooled. What better better
      memory bank of childhood.


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