Faithful Catholics In Rome Fight Back Against Francis’ Tyranny

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2 thoughts on “Faithful Catholics In Rome Fight Back Against Francis’ Tyranny

  1. Good afternoon, Anthony. I think you may have missed the intent behind these billboards. I don’t think they are aimed at Papa Francis and his cohort. Rather, are they not aimed at the thousands of priests, seminarians and lay folk (to include pilgrims) who enter the Vatican grounds every day? They seem highly effective to me in pointing out the hypocrisies of those trying to build the Ape of the Church without being schismatic or disrespectful. The irony is exquisite. Think of the effect it might have on those who have been clueless about what has been going on. Seems genius to me.

  2. Bravo! . . Bishop Schneider, and yourself Anthony.

    As for appealing to Pope Francis’ “good side” with this
    poster campaign — which INCLUDES Pope Pius V —
    well . . right reason and goodwill can only go so far.
    Whereas Francis ( Roche & Co.) has consistently
    committed to Modernist thinking and application.

    Has he —and does he —actually done so “in good
    conscience”, believing he’s doing the Will of God?

    Only God can be the Judge of that.

    Meanwhile, we Faithful continue to strive to defend
    Christ and His Church as it has been passed down
    since Christ’s handing “the Keys” to Peter, paid for
    by the Institution of the Holy Eucharist and “its Coin”
    of His Death on Calvary . . followed by His Victory
    over Death.


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