Faithful Catholics In Argentina Storm Blasphemous Display

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In Austria justice may be served while in Argentina the laity take justice into their own hands.




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2 thoughts on “Faithful Catholics In Argentina Storm Blasphemous Display

  1. Dear Anthony,

    Think about this. Austria, Argentina , and America, what do they all have in common? Answer = litigation and prosecutions .

    America = civil suits , priest abuse crisis
    Austria = civial violations
    Argentina = criminal conduct

    The laity , in each instance , sadly , are taking circumstances into their own hands to demand corrections , willing to take on “Power” . Why ? Because those responsible to defend them ( The Magisterium ) has punted on their administrative authority and public voice for decades ( moving pieces on a chess board aimlessly as if “not to win” , but rather make the opponent “feel good” but letting the opponent win ) Sadly it becomes all about money and mamon .

    In failing to pray and discern Luke 12:57-59:
    Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right? 58 As you are going with your adversary to the magistrate, try hard to be reconciled on the way, or your adversary may drag you off to the judge, and the judge turn you over to the officer, and the officer throw you into prison. 59 I tell you, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny.”

    They fail to discern that The Judge is Jesus
    and He will allow them to be “bankrupt “

    They fail to recognize that It’s ok to turn over the money tables – they desire to preserve the “temple status quo” at all costs ( protect homosexual abussive priests , protect heretic Bishops , and protect enemies of Christ from the faithful )

    So what do you get ? Modernism .
    De facto the justice courts of men are allowed to monitize and define Doctrine . Right and wrong is dumped into the hands of civil authorities who could care less about The Cross or His Salvation . Their function , administer the laws of men , they like Pontious Pilate wash their hands and proclaim punishments ( to the last penny ).

    Christ delivered a message when he turned over the money tables . He didn’t expect a “Church endorsement “ . In our time those who act out with outrage are no different . There is no “ata boy” to be expected from the Vatican .

    Blessings, Raphael

  2. Anthony! . . so MANY words! . . all required (I suppose)
    so that we —in “REAL time” —will “get the picture”.

    But “God spoke only ONE WORD, His Son” (St. John
    of the Cross).

    Suppose we get back to that ONE WORD. Only in one
    place that can happen: Eucharistic Adoration . . yours,
    mine, each visitor’s, with Jesus truly Present in the
    Tabernacle, or the Consecrated Host on the altar in
    the Monstrance.

    SILENT conversation, “out of that intimate friendship”;
    “a CONSTANT conversation”; with HIM by WHOM I
    KNOW myself to BE LOVED” (St. Teresa of Jesus,
    her definition of mental prayer).

    THAT conversation takes place IN time, yet remains also
    BEYOND time. It is Jesus’ Sacred Humanity speaking
    “to the Beloved” from the riches —yet simplicity — of
    “the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” which is His own


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