Facebook Is Now Fact Checking Eucharistic Miracles

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Our Betters at Facebook are now determining whether purely metaphysical concerns.





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One thought on “Facebook Is Now Fact Checking Eucharistic Miracles

  1. Personally I’ve always hated clutter, especially on bulletin boards and certainly on Facebook . . that great big DIGITAL bulletin-board.

    Your current podcast, Anthony, kinda supports my subjective bias. If this “facebooker” used a photo NOT of the event itself [ . . he/ she has already left me questioning ! ], then a responsible user of the social media giant would have to become a human divining rod —I continue to treat you, Anthony, as one —to ferret out the truth of ANY “blurb” put “out there”. But the untethered CURIOSITY governing GOSSIP-lovers renders them irresponsible.

    I’m very familiar with the main historical, “Church-checked”, Eucharistic Miracles (Ovieto, which brought the Church the feast of Corpus Christi; Lanciano, etc.). The current one, reported as happening in formerly Catholic ( but now Marxified ) Ireland, well . . Our Lord said He does not leave His own as orphans. So, whether fake or unfeigned, this FB account at least leaves this sinner fearlessly HOPEFUL for the Irish Faithful . . Venerable Fulton Sheen’s people, shall we say. How can Bishop Sheen NOT continue to intercede for his beloved Irish !?

    Reflecting some more, however, isn’t EACH and EVERY Eucharistic Sacrifice [ Mass ] a Eucharistic Miracle, even though “Ordinary”? EXTRA-ordinary —“historical” — Miracles seem merely to be God’s way of reminding/ awakening/ shocking the Faithful in NOT allowing the REPETiTIVENESS of daily, even obligatory weekly, Masses to dull our mind and memory into by-passing each Consecration with a “ho-hum” indifference . . BETRAYING, thereby, one’s slow but steady slide into a “blind, deaf, and dumb” state to the LIVING Reality of Christ’s Body and Blood!

    CULPABLY ignorant. UNprepared. Again and again. The dry rot of unreflective, non-contemplative routine.

    Still, what is there to stop us from visiting Fr. Romano Guardini’s Meditations Before Mass, or ANY devotional with prayers before ( and after) Mass? There is also Bishop Schneider’s recent publication: The Catholic Mass: Steps To Restore The Centrality of God In The Liturgy [ 2021/ Sophia Press/ transl. by Diane Montagna.] Reading these, or related topics, might re-kindle a luke-warmed Catholic into a freshly-minted, Grace-Goaded personal love for the Eucharist and It’s Lord.

    Bottom line: we Faithful must not trade “Real Good” for “feel good”!


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