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This story is blowing up all over the internet and as expected the Modernist laity are defending the gay priests.




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4 thoughts on “Exposed!

  1. Our only hope is in the Lord. We must all focus on our personal relationships with Jesus…through all that the True Catholic Church offers. As we become closer to God (and more like Him) we will become a light to others.

    The world is a cesspool and getting worse. Our part is to become saints…to become holy. All of us need to repent, and PRAY for those that are being deceived. Satan causes chaos and evil and desires for us to despair…Our Lord desires for us to keep our gaze on Him.

    Thank you for sharing the reality of evil. Most “Catholics” have no clue what is, and what is coming. “Knowing” gives us time to arm ourselves against the spiritual battle that is happening.

  2. The Church needs and formally demands chaste priests. It’s a condition of their employment. Unchaste priests are not only hypocrites but frauds. Probably it is no accident that many seem to end up stealing too.

    If the Bishops and Priests won’t act, it is up to the laity. They not only have the right, but the duty.

  3. Most Loved Anthony ,
    The real issue at discussion is information management and vocational standards .
    Unique to priesthood is the “set” of standards to which oaths, vows, and consecrations are given.

    So, discipline by extension becomes the issue; the enforcement of standards , what information available , how acquired , and what is done with it.

    In medicine we have medical boards . The priesthood might do well by the same model ( BUT , do not want Salem witch hunts ? ) .

    1.Any patient ( lay ) complaint accepted for evaluation and investigation
    2. After investigation :
    Dismiss or adjudication
    3.Investigators and Cannon priests then bring “violations” to be adjudicated by priestly jury ( medical boards usually 12 members who decide on evidence )
    4. The “alleged” can represent themselves or legal ( cannon lawyer )
    5. Outcome can be :
    -not guilty ( not very often )
    – advisory ( minor sanction – “don’t do that”)
    -punitive ( restriction, more education, public reprimand , “practice” limitations )
    -death penalty ( license revoked )

    Sometimes there is a malpractice law suit in civil courts at the same time – each are independent .

    Bishops , like State governor’s , would appoint panel priests ( Board Members )
    Investigators and adjudication staff would be independent and paid from Church treasury, hired and managed by an Executive Director ( Bishop chosen ) .

    Now, once you have a framework to call out bad behavior ( s ) and a disregard for oaths , vows , and consecrations – then you
    at least have some semblance of being able to avoid the relativistic and blame game of “excuses” .

    BUT , regardless , it is all in Christ’s hands.
    He will allow man to choose how he repents or not . It is His Sacred Heart and Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart who protect the laity from priests gone bad . Our days of apostasy , sacrilege, and blasphemy have been foretold .

    Pray, pray, and pray

    Blessings, Raphael

  4. Thanks, Anthony, for pulling back this ragged “veil”
    on those who have deified self and its never-satisfied

    Sins, sins of the flesh —not to mention the other
    Capital sins [ avarice; envy; anger; etc. ]  —if not
    confessed and absolved, ties us directly to Hell &
    Eternal damnation, OUR damning ourselves, should
    we be called to account in that predicament . . and
    UNaccompanied to boot, all be our lonesome.

    Nothing in the Church’s teaching Faith and Morals
    has changed on that.

    So, why Clerics —ordained to Celibacy — [ AND Laity ]
    should play with Eternal Hell-FIRE on this amounts to
    T H E Fool’s “paradise” . . with blinkers on!

    “Yeah, but,” the deluded come back might lamely
    bleat, “WE’re in the majority.”

    The Blessed in Heaven AND the Damned in Hell are
    even a GREATER majority.

    Therefore, we STILL have got to C H O O S E, and
    follow up on our decision . . before our last gasp.


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