EWTN Priest Issues Dire Warning About Ongoing Revolution In The Church

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The Synod is a danger to the faith, says the priest






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4 thoughts on “EWTN Priest Issues Dire Warning About Ongoing Revolution In The Church

  1. Well, the Ape Church has been in power for a long time already. Their synod is just a registration process. The book of Revelation calls her a prostitute . Francis and his pimps would be funny with their holy spirit here, holy spirit there if it wasn’t for the number of souls they are leading to hell like a bunch of pied pipers.
    Christ’s Church is very much alive. God always brings good out of a rotten fruit so I believe many will run into the arms of Tradition.
    Shall it be a renewal or shall it herald Christ’s Parousia?

  2. Too many words !! . . with which the former
    Moscow-directed Soviets DIS-informed the
    public when covering up THEIR Serious crimes
    or criminal attempts.

    “If a nation [ Pope Francis’ followers ] expects
    to be ignorant [ of the Church’s Sacred Deposit
    of Faith ] AND free, In a state of civilization,
    [ i.e., truly Catholic ] it expects what never was
    and never will be” —Thomas Jefferson

    Prairie Grandpa Bob has applied that to
    Francis’s New World church . . which is
    founded on a false christ, prompted by a
    false “saddened” holy spirit, building a false
    church. An idol. The achievement of an
    Ecclesiastical FreeMasonic project, as
    foretold and profiled by Our Lady through
    the Marian Movement of Priests, 1989,

    If the Synodal Clerics REALLY want “to walk
    WITH” the non-Bishop Laity, why don’t they
    just jettison their Clerical robes, ALL of ’em,
    and LOOK the part, like, LAICIZED
    nouveau “churchmen”.

    But, no, they “speak with forked tongue”
    . . . a phrase from aboriginal wisdom.

    The false perception—”fundamentalism”
    [ as found in the Sacred Deposit of Faith ]
    —by Bishop de la Cruz, that Doctrine CAN’T
    be touched [ and CHANGED ], @13:36
    “ . . that would be the first TEMPTATION
    we [ REBELS ] would have . . ”

    Nonsense ! Rather, that would be the first
    “RED FLAG” of your not-dead-yet Conscience,
    warning you to “GET BACK to where you
    once belonged” — from the Beatles’ popular
    song back in their day.

    Revolution-by-sneaky- increments . . called
    out by the Church’s very competent defender,
    Fr. Gerald Murray, of the PAPAL POSSE.

    Whew! . . we can return our six-shooters
    back into their holsters.


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