EWTN Cleans House & Kicks The Hornets Nest

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Canceling a show by a racist that no one watches is apparently forbidden according to pos-trads and LeftCaths



Authentic Christian Unity Against Modernism Return To Tradition

  1. Authentic Christian Unity Against Modernism
  2. Francis or Benedict XVI? A Cardinal Weighs In On The Real Pope Question
  3. This Prelate Is Now A Magazine Cover Model
  4. Francis Is A Wrecking Ball Of Tradition
  5. Pope Francis Is Honoring Martin Luther Again


EWTN Forms New Publishing Group With Sophia Institute Press”. National Catholic Register.


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  1. Michael Dowd

    EWTN does not appeal to Traditional Orthodox Catholics. Personally I haven’t tuned in years. The problem is they do not speak the truth about the Catholic Church, i.e., the Church lost its primary mission since Vatican II and has devolved into squishy Liberal Protestantism.

    EWTN is not relevant to serious Catholics and little more than a propaganda arm of the USCCB. EWTN lost its mission when it listened to the Bishops and shut down Mother Angelica it’s founder. EWTN does more harm than good. Unless it begins speaking the truth about the true state of the Church, shutting it down would be a benefit to Christ and His Church


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