EWTN Cleans House & Kicks The Hornets Nest

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Canceling a show by a racist that no one watches is apparently forbidden according to pos-trads and LeftCaths



The Vatican Issues Half-Hearted Response To Evil Deeds Of The German Bishops Return To Tradition

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  1. The Vatican Issues Half-Hearted Response To Evil Deeds Of The German Bishops
  2. Cardinals Burke & Muller Demand The Vatican Excommunicate And Expel Heretic Bishops
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  4. Francis SLAMS Vigano Claiming Hes Probably Not Catholic
  5. Sin And Spiritual Decay: A Personal Warning From St John Bosco


EWTN Forms New Publishing Group With Sophia Institute Press”. National Catholic Register.


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2 thoughts on “EWTN Cleans House & Kicks The Hornets Nest

  1. A Roman Catholic who has watched The Sunday Mass on EWTN since the China virus . I am a caregiver to my husband who is surviving Bladder cancer. The Mass is a great disappointment to us. It is not relevant especcially the homily by the celebrant priest. It seems these priests don’t incorporate our daily problems into the readings. I want to hear how these readings are relevant to our every day life. IT SEEMS THESE PRIESTS are hiding their heads in the sand.. The young people, if there are any left, don’t understand the Latin vs. English and again the priests love to speak Latin to impress but doesn’t help the spirituality of the Eucharist. I think the majority of Catholics want to be inspired and motivated to spread the good news but these priess are not doing it. The only positive experience of EWTN Sunday Mass is the fantastic music liturgy and choir and music director.

  2. EWTN does not appeal to Traditional Orthodox Catholics. Personally I haven’t tuned in years. The problem is they do not speak the truth about the Catholic Church, i.e., the Church lost its primary mission since Vatican II and has devolved into squishy Liberal Protestantism.

    EWTN is not relevant to serious Catholics and little more than a propaganda arm of the USCCB. EWTN lost its mission when it listened to the Bishops and shut down Mother Angelica it’s founder. EWTN does more harm than good. Unless it begins speaking the truth about the true state of the Church, shutting it down would be a benefit to Christ and His Church


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