One thought on “Emptying Parishes and Oblivious Prelates

  1. Here in my diocese of Venice, Florida daily Mass has been available since the beginning of the hoax virus pandemic. Masks and spacing are enforced. The Cathedral in Venice has even hired a off duty policeman to keep bad guys away, including, we might guess, the unmasked. He is there every day to make sure we are safe. Health and Safety first, after all.

    Conclusion: But even with Masses open now to all who wish come attendance has dropped 60-70% as I see it. The bottom line conclusion is that if Masses were optional half the Catholics now attending would cease doing so. Not surprising given that most Catholics no longer believe in the Real Presence. The current hoax virus pandemic offers a good excuse for doing what most Catholics do not wish to do anyway. The Vatican II Church is quickly going bankrupt and this, IMO, is a good thing. The Church needs a complete redo.


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