Dubia Cardinal Makes Radical Proposal To Prevent Another Tyrant Pope

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The retired cardinal offers a proposal that will alienate most of the Church while Modernists propose a secular solution.







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4 thoughts on “Dubia Cardinal Makes Radical Proposal To Prevent Another Tyrant Pope

  1. Note that the proponents of the Constitution are Arians: Jesus is “completely human but imbued with the presence of His Father”, a denial of the Incarnation and the Trinity.

  2. It seems to me Our Lord has given Our Lady the job of keeping the faithful informed regarding the plan of Our Father in heaven.
    Not for any other reason but that she, by virtue of Our Lord’s love for us all, even as His human life was leaving Him as he hung, crucified and about to die, on The Cross, do I now find myself totally absorbed with her and her warnings via simple humble and (her) poor children – creations of her Son, her Father and her Spouse – The Holy Ghost, the Almighty Triune God!
    Prophecies have always been an interest of mine.
    The philosophy taught by St Thomas Aquinas, and the other virtues gifts and teachings of the doctors of our Roman Catholic Church haven’t hit home with me as vigorously as they have with dear TLM friends I have come to know in the last few years.
    This, in my mind, verifies St Paul’s teachings – some are endowed with prophecy, some with tongues etc. Not that I am endowed with prophecy but it is an intense interest. I take St Paul’s teachings as saying that is the way it is!
    And thus given the times we live in and the prophecies of truly humble saints of God (never do we hear them say “I am humbled by…”!!! – so false is that these days.) and considering your post regarding Bl Elena Aiello I was led to review the life and times of Pope Stephen VI.
    How interesting those times!
    Comparing them to now and considering many of Our Lady’s messages and those of amazing saints including Bl Elena and St Padre Pio I concluded that Pope Benedict XVI is the last pope of the end of times; the schism prophesied is already with us; soon we will see a new pope following Benedict XVI; all of the current Bishop of Rome’s edicts and appointments will be annulled, not being of God; and, Our Lady’s promise of her Immaculate Heart era will follow.
    The cardinals faithful to the truth that is Our Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour and Redeemer will continue.
    Those of the ilk of today’s Bishop of Rome will be no more, nor will any of his modernist principles!
    I hope to see Our Lady’s great triumph before leaving this world but at my age, it may not be God’s plan for me!
    Hallowed be His name, His will be done on earth as in heaven.
    Thank you again Anthony for your efforts and insights.
    Viva Cristo Rey.

  3. Anthony, your first minute, describing the Cardinals being practically muzzled—no questions, in-depth reflections—further stacks up AGAINST “exclusive” College-of-Cardinals’ wisdom & government in favour of “inclusive” synodalization of ALL the Dioceses of the world . . Bishops, Conferences, Laity. With synodality now up front and centre, the ‘ol “rigid” Deposit of Faith is KEPT “rigid” while “fresh”, hot-off-the-street “takes”, perceptions, reflections, and convictions of “the People” rush on ahead.

    Francis seems to want a church “of the people, by the people, for the people”, a populist, egalitarian church but devoid of the Divine and ITS permanent Presence through Eucharist and Sacraments, yet not really FOR “the people” because the whole process and goal of it under Frankie’s “thumb”.

    To this goal . . if the result of A.T.’s research is accurate, the trajectory of an INEVITABLE formal schism becomes a done deal . . which, to my simple mind, leaves veteran Church historians—men who’s perspectives are “worth their salt”, men like Viganò; Brandmuller; Schneider; professor Mattei; many others —more like observers from the cliff, while down below the Masonic “ WRECKERS’” mafia, by “false lights”, lure “the Barque of St. Peter” and its Treasures to its demise on the rocks. An image, to be sure, of two centuries ago taken from the legends of the Cornwall English and other coasts.

    The severe Providential “Spanking” we’re in for, judging from exorcist Fr. Ripperger’s talks of July of this year, also brings to bear the warnings of Italian Bl. Elena Aiello ( died 1961) and of O.L. of Akita,
    not to mention her warnings from Quito (1610), La Chalette (1846) and Fatima (1917; 1929) .

    In preparation for this well-deserved “spanking”—materialism, the great apostacy, and consequent gross ignorance of the Faith—and to off-set it, Fr. R. has spelled out for us the Virtue of INTEGRITY
    which realistically prepares one. ( @30:00 ff especially).


    Genuine Baptized Catholics—like good Children of Holy MOTHER
    Church—know how to endure “spankings”, KNOW how to make reparation for even all her errant “children of darkness”.

  4. For those who are still unaware of who actually is in control of the modern church; it is none other than the Masons. Francis is a Mason, among other anti Catholic positions. Personally, through years of research on this topic, I believe that many of the hierarchy, down to the bishops, etc. are as well. Unfortunately, when the 23rd, a Rosacrucian Mason was elected to the papacy, he set a president which sadly has brought us to the point of formal schism which I believe is forthcoming.


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