Dubia Cardinal (and Vigano) Both Respond to Francis

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First, the top link is for the too spicy for YouTube audio version of Vigano’s new letter.


Cardinal Refuses To Attend Synod In Protest Of Francis' Evil Deeds Return To Tradition

  1. Cardinal Refuses To Attend Synod In Protest Of Francis' Evil Deeds
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  3. Catholic Theologians Accuse Francis' New Doctrine Chief Of Diabolical Heresy
  4. The Angel Of The Resurrection | Fr John Hardon SJ
  5. Malachi Martin Predicted The Forced Abdication Of Benedict XVI

Then here is the video of the letter of Cardinal Brandmuller who tells us how to neutralize Francis’s edict.



https:// catholicfamilynews.com/blog/2021/07/31/archbishop-vigano-responds-to-the-theft-of-the-mass-of-all-ages-by-pope-francis/

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2 thoughts on “Dubia Cardinal (and Vigano) Both Respond to Francis

  1. The so-called traditional Catholics must now unite. I propose the name “Apostolic Catholic Church” for the movement. Mgr Huonder, Bishop Emeritus of Chur, has rightly recognised that the traditional Mass is part of the Apostolic Creed. It was not simply invented by Pius V and the Council of Trent, but goes back to the Apostles. It is the only true and valid liturgy. The same applies to doctrine. The 2nd Vatican Council as well as the authority of its representatives like Mr Bertoglio and the clergy appointed by him are rejected. They are heretics and therefore ipso facto no longer Catholic and consequently cannot be priests. They have turned away from God and are perverts. They cannot speak in the name of us Catholics. We adhere to God’s word, authentically expounded by the apostles and not the fleeting word of men. We do not want to be associated with the blasphemy and nonsense that Mr Bertolio says and does.

  2. Thanks to the YT feature which promotes videos of a comparable stripe to ones one has viewed, I’ve stumbled on your “channel.” I’m wondering whether you have composed a podcast which addresses the thesis that Benedict is yet true Pontiff, owing to the canonical defectivity of his ’13 “renunciation.” Your coverage/analysis strongly suggests you do not accept this position; I wonder whether you might make clear why. One consequence of such an acceptance would be that analysis of the Bergoglian regime would be reduced to the political, only, inasmuch as any and everything the unfortunate prelate does would need be sanated by a rightful successor to Ratzinger. You speak of Bergoglio’s sensing he is “losing” his authority; there are no few who would argue he never had any to begin with. Thanks for your attention.


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