Did The Vatican Just Say The Fatima Warnings Are Fake?

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Pretty brazen stuff. Minor correction: I don’t know why I said the feast of Our Lady of Fatima was today when its tomorrow.







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One thought on “Did The Vatican Just Say The Fatima Warnings Are Fake?

  1. “Ave Maria, gratia P L E N A . . ”

    What is it about “Plena” [ F U L L . . ] that
    really smart people don’t get ?!

    At the very beginning of Creation, God made it
    clear to all the Angels —yes, Lucifer & Co. too —
    that His future Mother, Mary, would be number one
    in Heaven and on Earth, to which the “smart
    Angelic set” said, “No way !!” and ” . . I saw Satan

    For a play-by-play of this drama, view exorcist
    Fr. Ripperger on the Demons and the REASON
    for their fall . . and as a consequence, their perpetual
    attempts [ yet under obedience to Christ !] to lead
    us dumb humans into OUR final fall.

    If we’re TRULY smart, i.e., humble, we will readily
    heed our Good Mother’s warning and advice, clearly
    given at Fatima 1917, and so many other times &

    “Ave Maria, gratia plena, DOMINUS TECUM . . ”
    [ . . the L O R D is with you . . ] i.e. with HIS Queen
    of Heaven.

    Are we —with our comfortable, puckered-up,
    little hearts and picky-picky brains —going to ignore
    Mary’s Motherly “Hints” ?? . . when the King of Kings
    [ of Media Moguls and Ecclesial Dictators ] abides
    and STAYS WITH His Queen . . forever and ever ??

    It was Fr. Ripperger who also explains that God’s
    DIVINE MERCY applies to us in only two cases:
    when we truly repent of our sins, and because
    we’re dumb . . helpless and defenceless in our
    self-bred ignorance and resistance to “Truth, Beauty,
    and Goodness”.


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