Did Francis Just Do Something WORSE Than PACHAMAMA?

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Is building temples for false worship worse than idolatry?






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3 thoughts on “Did Francis Just Do Something WORSE Than PACHAMAMA?

  1. You’ve surely got the inside story once again, Anthony.
    Very much appreciated by this Prairie Grandpa and his
    whole family !!

    Short of a “St.-Paul-knocked-off-his-horse conversion”,
    what chance does a “Devil incarnate” (St. Catherine of
    Siena) on the Chair of St. Peter got . . thus far being
    AMONG the “Goats” come “Dies
    ira, dies illa”. (Judgement Day)?

    St. Catherine of Siena —Apostle of the “Sweet Christ”,
    of Christ’s VICAR on earth — pray for Pope Francis!

    St. Joseph and St. Micheal, terror of Demons, pray for us,
    pray for the Church.

    Mary, Mother of the Church, “terrible as an army set in
    battle array” (Canticle of Canticles, 6: 10), intercede for
    YOUR Church, the Church of YOUR SON, Church of
    the Baptized Laity !

    ST. JOSEPH, “Model of all Fatherhood “, activate and
    re-JUVENATE [ make vigorous and JOYFUL ] ALL
    fathers on the face of the Earth”, we beg you !

  2. This very strong statement by Archbishop Athanasius Schneider is the clarion call to all true Catholics to get serious about Francis and his deep state affiliation with the evil powers that be who seek total control not only of the entire world and its people from a monetary standpoint through the use of a worldwide digital currency but most importantly to the true Catholic Church/faith and its members. Their goal, which is real, is to subjugate us to their plans of destroying the faith entirely and of replacing it with a diabolical one world false ecumenical church of the AntiChrist. They are almost at the point of actually achieving this goal. This is the holy season of Lent. If we believe we are being undermined in the faith and that many of our church leaders won’t even discuss this, we are left w/the only remedy we know which will bring us the heavenly aid that we need and that is Our Lady of Sorrows and the Holy Rosary. Please pray the Rosary daily and seek her assistance; she is very powerful and she loves us very much.

    1. Ahhh! . . “Terry”, you plead it so well for all
      of us . . “from the Heart” ! ( . . the Sacred
      Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of
      Mary, and your OWN attentive heart).


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