Demonic Sacrilege Committed By Bishop In Direct Insult To Christ

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Austrian Bishop Glettler is back, with an even more disgusting piece of “Lenten” art than last year.




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4 thoughts on “Demonic Sacrilege Committed By Bishop In Direct Insult To Christ

  1. Why is this new news? It’s been slowly metastisizing in the counciliar church since The Enthronement of Satan in the Vatican 8 days after the ordination of PaulVI on the twin feasts of Pope St. Peter and Paul in St. Paul’s Chapel and, as far as I know. never been exorcised which, or course, would mean Satan is alive and well in the conciliar church since this dececration occurred. Are those in the hierarchy deaf, dumb and blind or are they part of this evil deception? I don’t know the answer to this most important question. It is now a question I believe must be answered and answered asap.

  2. These are men who were ordained BECAUSE sacrilege & profanation are what they were ordained for,

  3. Thank you for always spreading truth and being so faithful to our Lord. This is absolutely despicable, I just wanted to let you know in the last paragraph you put “we must not allow” I think it was a typo and you meant to put “we must now allow” I just wanted to let you know. Ave Maria and God bless you.

  4. Sorry, Anthony, your “job description” compels
    you to report even on this toxic “stain spreader”.

    “Bloody aweful” ! .. . the unHoly and anti-Holy at
    its very worst !

    The TYROL, location of the best Austrian/ Mountain
    folk music; always a source of little joys when I
    listen to it on our car CD player. [ . . dates the
    car . . its a 2010 ]

    Having just “survived” my annual stomach flu —
    MY retching is LOUD ! —I only wish this diabolical
    muck & puke had triggered more loud retching
    outa THIS Catholic stomach; to be even touched
    by it through any of our five senses —not to mention
    our Baptized “Sense of the Faith” —is a “taste” of
    the punishment from Our Lord for the incalculable
    sins of the Church, especially of our Hierarchy.

    As you advise, we must not allow REPARATION
    to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and PRAYER for
    the Church to collect dust . . or even a single


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