Demonic DJ Priest Mocks The Faith With Francis’ Blessing

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Turning World Youth Day into a rave was a terrible idea, but it is par for the course.



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5 thoughts on “Demonic DJ Priest Mocks The Faith With Francis’ Blessing

  1. The attraction of the TLM is the attraction to divine order. The chaos of lawlessness and hate are all around us. We need morality to live an orderly life and to maintain an orderly society. It is the height of absurdity for Francis or anyone else to claim that we traditionalists think we are superior to others. It is the divine order that is superior. It’s absence can be seen in the chaos in our culture, driving young people to suicide, causing the upright to be attacked while the lawless get away with anything, making enemies of the state and pseudo schismatics out of those who embrace God’s order.

    The TLM and the faithful Catholics who adhere to the moral order it belongs to represent the antidote to that chaos. They are, in fact, on opposite sides of the divine plan. One is of God, the other of sATAN. There can be no order in a plan where God is vanquished. It can only maintain itself by brute force.

  2. Anthony ,

    Not much to say . Your analysis and commentary “ bulls eye “

  3. The hideous parody they are putting up before souls is dragging people to Hell and it is utterly heartbreaking. We should weep and pray for the souls being lied to & make reparation for diabolic sins being given the appearance of approval of Christ’s ministers. They are ministers of the devil and we need to hand them over in prayer to divine judgment, not to say “We can’t do anything, we don’t have authority!”

  4. Well, let’s see how this DJ Priest —and those
    like him —”stack up” next to Our Lady.

    To avoid a very lengthy quote, here is Fr. Chad
    Ripperger’s whole talk on Our Lady of Sorrows:

    During a possession case, he “unwraps” why Beelzebub
    [ with whom he was taking issue during that session ]
    was ejected from Heaven: because “Bub” wanted Mary’s
    Interior Beauty [ mirroring God’s Beauty ] , which God
    allowed him to see, FOR HIMSELF.

    It is a long homily, but well worth our time for its
    Catechetical content and richness !

    As for “DJ” Priests & the like, how totally PATHETIC
    their “offering” . . and self-deceived ! ! !


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