Courageous Bishop Punishes Priest Who Publicly Betrayed The Church

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We need more of this in this day, not less.




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3 thoughts on “Courageous Bishop Punishes Priest Who Publicly Betrayed The Church

  1. Anthony,

    This is the verse for the day:
    Matthew 10:35 For I came to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    The Rock has always had tears and wheat in its fields . It was never about prosecutions it has always been about SALVATION. Jesus spoke He Will separate the wheat from the tears . His Holy Spirit will use His Instruments to accomplish this for him on earth . Thank God for faithful Bishops !!!

    Blessings, Raphael

    BTW , it seems to me an “oxymoron” ? If confession is anonymous, and any sinner can assure themselves of that by the parish priest they decide to confess , how could the confessional be violated ? The priest has no idea who is on the other side of the “screen” , only the Holy Spirit, in persona Christi, has infinite knowledge, who do legislators think they will “put on the stand” in a courtroom . That would be something to see !!! Swearing in of the Holy Spirit, “ Will you telll The Truth, The Full Truth, and nothing but The Truth , so help you God ? “
    YES !!!!

    1. “Anonymous” and the secrecy of the “Seal of Confession” are
      not the same thing. Anyone can SEE the Confessor and a
      penitent walk into a Confessional “box”. But WHAT IS SAID
      is Eternally protected by that Seal. “Shut uppa u mouth”.

  2. There’s NOTHING “complex” about the Seal of Confession!

    You have a vocation to the Priesthood? You are accepted by
    the Bishop for Ordination? . . to hear the confession of sins?.
    . . to give Absolution [ given that a Confession is Good ] ?
    You ARE ordained to the Priesthood?

    Then rest assured that all sins confessed to you in that
    Sacrament are “uploaded” into the Sacred Heart of the
    Crucified Saviour. End of story.

    NOT “complex” ! . . unless the “analyst” is an addicted, nosy,
    self-appointed, psychologizing inquisitor.

    “Serious cases”? . . meant for the appropriate Bishop,
    Cardinal, or Pope? . . that’s another story left to “the proper


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