One thought on “Close Ally Of Benedict XVI SLAMS German Synod For Homo-Heresy

  1. Fulton Sheen was the first in my memory to make the connection between “the World is in a state of Mortal Sin” and the implementation and fallout of the A-Bomb. By way of extension, that REALITY —75 years later — and its immanent threat is at our doorstep. With the Ukraine conflict in “full swing”, the combatants are actually talking about USING that damned thing (Nuclear weaponry). And yet, no one seems to connect —like Bishop Sheen did post WW II —the direct connection between today’s HEIGHTENED murder of innocents in the womb and the USE of the Nuclear Bomb !
    If the clarifications of Cardinal Müller and Bishop Schneider point to anything —without officially “saying so” —it surely is THAT
    end-game “scenario” playing out in our life time.
    Even so, not one of our prayed Rosaries will be wasted !


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