Catholic Watchdog Group SUES FBI

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Odd that this story didn’t make more news. But then again, with Cardinal Kissyface dominating the news its easy to see why.





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One thought on “Catholic Watchdog Group SUES FBI

  1. Prairie Grandpa here, observing from his computer chair.
    To respond to your request for a “spare opinion”:
    worse-case scenario, perhaps this FBI “nosiness” is only
    the beginning of CIVIL policing interference with Catholic/
    Christian NORMAL DEFAULT behaviour, i.e., RELIGIOUS
    WORSHIP and lay community Parish life.

    With Francis DE-Catholigizing Christ and His Church, and,
    in the Civil arena, with Global “mega-bucks” spawning and
    establishing the New World Religion —à la the Abu Dabi
    blueprint —thank God that THAT “Noose” so far hasn’t been
    janked tight around OUR necks, or “the horse” smacked
    out from under us mob-lynched scapegoats and sacrificial
    victims, defenders of the Sacred Deposit of Catholic Faith
    & Morals.

    Puckered-lips Fernandez ought to be on “that horse”, with
    symbiotic buddy Jorge saddled up right behind him!

    Current FBI interference with the worship and social
    behaviour of Catholics is, comparatively speaking,
    “peanuts”, with the serious PERVERSION of the just
    made-over DDF —and its intended metastasizing
    in the Mystical Body of Christ by “F ‘n F”, Francis
    and Fernandez.


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