Catholic Theologians Accuse Francis’ Doctrine Chief Of Formal Heresy

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He’s barely been on the job for two weeks and already he’s being accused of heresy. But note something here: their accusations are by default accusations against Francis too.




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2 thoughts on “Catholic Theologians Accuse Francis’ Doctrine Chief Of Formal Heresy

  1. Tutcho Fernandez is promoting Amoris Laetitia more
    likely because HE WROTE IT. Frankie’s ghost-writer.

    ” . . receive Holy Communion anyway . . ” Wait a
    minute! The the Church trusts its Catechist and
    respects the mind and sufficient maturity of a
    [ seven-year-old ] communicant, it also knows
    that each first Communicant KNOWS he or she
    approaches Our Lord Himself [ Body, Blood, Soul,
    and Divinity ] and NOT some “jesus chip”.

    But at the break-neck PACE of today’s “digital
    Continent” [ Pope Benedict XVI ] is this really
    the case for the latest inhabitants of this
    Continent? Even so . . .

    Proper preparation of a seven-year-old to receive
    their FIRST Holy Communion —PRECEEDED BY
    first Confession —doesn’t need a disclaimer
    about essentials by the likes of Tutcho, Frankie,
    and Amoris Laetitia. “Let the LITTEL Children
    come to Me, OF SUCH is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

    But the world of childhood has become greatly
    complicated [ for the PARENTS ], embroiled and
    muddled with the onslaught of “adult” life, its
    THOUGHTLESS fast talk and multiplied temptations.

    It seems that “the Call to Holiness” [ implied by
    one’s Baptism ] has been left in the culture’s
    clouds of dust. “We haven’t taught the Catechism
    for the past 60 years,” according to a least one
    Bishop in the American Hierarchy.

    FEELINGS have been left to upstage KNOWLEDGE
    of Reality and [ the intimately-related ] DAILY
    STRIVING FOR Holiness, first through Parents,
    followed by personal when mature.

    Momentary wishful thinking has replaced the
    real path of the Saints. Saints? . . 15-year-old
    internet whiz, Carlo Acutis [ died of cancer ],
    has already reached the realm of the Blessed
    through his research and passionate love for
    the Real Presence which his documented
    from the Last Supper ’til today.

    Let this contemporary Youth —Bl. Carlo Acutis —
    be our guide !!

    Frankie, Tutcho Fernández & Co. will sucker
    many “Confusio” Catholics into an unhappy life.

    1. P.S.

      Our “Dictator” is the Sacred Deposit of Faith,
      Francis, not you.


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