Catholic Leader Declares Francis An Apostate, Demands Bishops Do Their Jobs

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2 thoughts on “Catholic Leader Declares Francis An Apostate, Demands Bishops Do Their Jobs

  1. Dear Mr. Stine, Peace of Christ! Thank you! “Catholic Leader Declares Francis An Apostate & Demands The Cardinals Do Their Duty” was an excellent podcast. Job well done. I couldn’t concur more about everything that Dr. Josef had to say to the cardinals in his letter. He was spot on, as they say. In my opinion, as a 73 year old Catholic who was one of the first victims of Vatican II while in the seminary from 1968 – 1975, anyone who can’t see that the foretold Anti pope, Bergoglio, who gained the Chair of Peter directly through the combined efforts of the Saint Gallen mafia and several high ranking Freemason prelates who illegally lobbied for Bergoglio prior to and during the 2013 papal conclave, is not a card carrying certified Heretic and Apostate is either a theological moron or is simply STUPID! Take your pick! I don’t know what John Paul II was smoking whenever he elevated Bergoglio and McCarrick to the office of a cardinal with their sordid histories a matter of public record. The two of them should have been Excommunicated long before they became bishops. Bergoglio and McCarrick were two of the many grave mistakes that John Paul made during his papacy. God rest his soul. A couple of the other major blunders he made were not consecrating Russia according to the directives Our Lady gave at Fatima, which to his credit he did publicly confess to. And, he refused to listen to Archbishop Edouard Gagnon and read his well documented report about how rampant Freemasonary was in the Vatican hierarchy prior to and during Vatican II itself. Archbishop Gagnon’s investigative work into this Freemasonary infiltration was approved by Pope Paul IV. FYI, to this day the Vatican hierarchy is run by Freemasons. Why people are so daft and can’t connect the dots to see what is so obvious completely befuddles me. Sadly, common sense is a rara avis these days. Yet, all one needs to do is look at the utter state of Apostasy that has arisen in the Church since Vatican II, notwithstanding the fact that well over 70% of Catholics no longer believe in the Real Presence due to the unholy practice of giving Communion in the hands, to figure out that Vatican II and its predominantly man-centered theology, like the man-centered Novus Ordo Mass crafted by a well known Freemason, Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, is the culprit! I could go on; but, enough for now. All I can say is that things are what I call so “FORKED UP” in the Church that it’s going to take a direct Act of God in the coming Warning a.k.a Illumination of Conscience to straighten things out.

    Sincerely yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Larry Welch

    Cell Ph. 754-204-2534

  2. @16:19 ff ” . . is this too much?”

    TOO MUCH ?? . . quite the reverse, i.e., finally a
    complete unpacking of the NEGATIVE fall-out, the
    fragmenting consequences, of “Frankie”‘s silences
    and ambiguous mumblings ever since publishing
    Amoris Laetitia [ “The Joy—ecstasy?—of Love —
    love-making?” ].

    We need to remember that Dr. Josef Saefert composed
    his letter TWO YEARS ago . . more than sufficient
    time for him to REVIEW, in his own mind and heart,
    what he wrote then [ namely, the whole truth and
    nothing but the truth].

    In other words, the HOLY Spirit did NOT remain “hiding
    behind” the statue of St.Peter (STILL holding the Keys
    given him by Our Lord) on Bernini’s Colonnade. To this
    observer he was —and is —just as inspired as any one
    of the four Evangelists.

    And if, as in St. Robert Bellarmine’s thinking, a Pope who
    enters into Apostacy automatically ceases to be Pope,
    does not take away from Dr. Josef’s Letter, but rather
    affirms and upholds it.

    No need for “splitting hairs” here.


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