Shownotes Monday-Wednesday of this week

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Please review postI was away from home for the first couple of days this week and wasn’t able to post my shownotes for the previous episodes. They’re below with today’s episode “A Tale of Two Bishops”. Monday: Video: Sources: Tuesday: Video: Sources: Wednesday: Video: Audio: Sources:

The End of Summorum Pontificum and the Latin Mass?

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Please review postReports are coming out of Rome that Benedict XVI’s landmark motu proprio is going to be revoked shortly. What does that mean? Video: Audio: Sources:

The Third Secret of Fatima & St. Michael The Archangel

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Please review postYou might have heard the story of the origin of the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, but you might not be aware of some Fatima-related details about it, nor about how it eerily parallels a similar, diabolical experience that would come right after the Fatima events. Video: Audio: Sources: