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Francis Expected To Return To Build The Ape of the Church (and audio only bonus)

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Please review postOkay folks, so here’s today’s audio only bonus, titled “They’re Coming For Your Children.” Even if you think you’ve heard this story I have details others haven’t bothered to report on. Audio bonus: Audio Bonus: Francis:

Dissecting The Amazon Synod

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Please review postIt’s pretty clear that the maniacs took the Catholic media for a ride. Did they advocate shredding the sacrament of Holy Orders? Sure, techically, but those parts of the document occupied such a small portion of the overall document that it’s clear that the real agenda had little to do with the Sacraments. …

The Restoration of Catholic Knighthood As the Prelude To The Restoration of Christendom

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Please review postGuest Submission By The Commander Dedicated to the Blessed Emperor Karl der Grosse The Great Exemplar and Father of Catholic Knighthood The first French edition of The Liturgical Year by Don Geranger listed January 28 as a local feast day for Charlemagne. Below is the prayer composed by Dom Prosper Guerangest in honor …