Cardinals Zen & Burke Speak In Defense Of The Faith

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Cardinals continue to speak up about Francis’s over reach. Will we get more than words?


Francis Declares Everyone To Be The Work of the Devil Return To Tradition

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  1. Elaine

    Assuming that the survey was even real, Cardinal Zen was likely not consulted because, let’s face it, Francis has informally excommunicated the Chinese branch of the Catholic Church. The reason is obvious: Red Emperor Xi Jingping demands it, and Francis serves Emperor Xi with far more readiness and zeal than he ever has Our Lord Jesus Christ. Francis and his master in China have done everything they can to minimize and disenfranchise the Church in China, going back to the disgusting “McCarrick deal”. Emperor Xi and his subject Pope Francis will never give Cardinal Zen the respect he is due, and both would prefer that he and his corner of the Church disappear completely. The Vatican, like Hollywood, Big Tech and all Western governments are all kowtowing to their bloody Emperor Xi Jingping now, and must show their loyalty by ignoring Chinese Catholics in the same way they ignore Uyghur concentration camps (right, Disney Corporation?). Additionally, neither Zen nor his successors will ever meet with a pope for as long as the Vatican’s love affair with the Chinese Communist Party exists. If anything, Francis II, III and IV will probably help the CCP round up Chinese Catholics for “reeducation” in the future.

  2. JMJ

    It would seem that the hierarchy would need to get Canon lawyers to smack this down immediately before the situation gets worse- but I don’t know how that structure of the Church works? Diocese level for abused groups and higher by Cardinals challenging the orthodoxy of the document and his comments that went along w it.. Any thoughts? Organized dissent from multiple dioceses? Is that possible? IHM Triumph in us and the whole world


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