2 thoughts on “Cardinals Collude With Governments To Ban Sacraments

  1. Ban the sacrament ? The sacraments are the way to eternal life. The catholic on the street looks forward to it. They are very strong in catholic countries like Poland, Lithuania etc and among numerous Catholics/ Orthodox in Asia, the Arab world and among a handful in the west.

    Why remove the sacraments and Protestanize the church. One catholic priest Father Martin Luther did so and what is the result? Look at mormons, 16 million of them quietly confident in their heresy as they believe Jesus is not God,The Holy Spirit does not exist, Hell does not exist and also Jehovah witness, seventh day Adventist, Moonies, Scientology etc etc all in similar heresy.

    Today Luther followers have over 40000 denominations all clamouring they are the right one ! Now the Holy Spirit does not divide, satan and his demons do. So many denominations preaching a different Bible, one large group in Africa claims four persons in the Trinity, so many prosperity gospels etc. Luther has to account for these souls going to hell on the last day.

    Now during Luther’s lifetime Calvin came on the scene and preached once saved is forever saved. Luther vehemently denounced and denounced Calvin but it was too late. satan had torn apart the church and would keep on doing so. Now many Protestants(P)i migrated to America and along with European P introduced many sins to the world like immodest art, immodest clothing like the bikini and liberalised mortal sin as sexual sins were no longer taboo, also acceptance of other mortal sins like gay lifestyle. All this affected many Catholics who gave in to temptation.

    In Maria valtora mystic readings Jesus describes Luther’s religion as ” the heresy of a single wretch”. I read a nun on aletia saying during those days she by mistake prayed before a P church and in the same town she saw people honouring Luther on his death anniversary. While praying she got a vision that Luther’s at the bottom of Hell ! I thought nothing of it then but now realize that Father Martin Lucifer would have taken hundreds of millions into hell by his doctrine which has led to what not and these Cardinals, bishops asking for mortal sin to be regularised by the church.

    Yes, Hitler killed six million Jews but he killed their bodies not their souls as the Jews said their prayers and died. They would go to Purgatory and then eternal life. Hitler only killed the body but Luther got the soul for his father, the devil. No wonder he is at the bottom even below the Anti Christ, an easy Guess !


  2. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church would rather please the please political leaders than God. That fear the State but not God. Do they even believe in God anymore?


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