Cardinals Burke & Muller Call For Excommunication & Removal Of Heretic Bishops

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….to be done by a man many suspect of being an arch-heretic.




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3 thoughts on “Cardinals Burke & Muller Call For Excommunication & Removal Of Heretic Bishops

  1. From Cardinal Burke’s responses to Raymond Arroyo [ The
    World Over, Mar.16/ 23 ] this prairie Grandpa eventually asks
    that pesky end-of-life question: ” My salvation, or damnation,
    is ultimately governed by how I’ve LIVED the Christ-Life.
    Come that moment, who will show me [ your CONSCIENCE
    will, Grandpa ] whether my IGNORANCES have been “vincible”
    or “invincible”.

    My Guardian Angel and God’s Grace will have prompted me
    in the right direction COUNTLESS times by then, including
    a final grace [ freely offered; never “owed” by God ] of
    repentance and total trust in the Divine Mercy.

    But IF these wined and dined and cosmetically “perfect”
    Modernists win out, then Sin will have been “cancelled”,
    Christ’s Life, Death, and Resurrection rendered meaningless
    . . even DUMB, and all teachings —protected and guarded in
    the Church’s Sacred Deposit of Faith —rendered mere
    superficial “options” . . “toothless”.

    EVERYONE, by their word-spinning-and-cancelling tricks,
    goes to heaven automatically, even though “the wages of SIN”
    —i.e., DEATH —still remains the final arbiter of that conclusive

    Cardinal Müller (The World Over, Mar.16/23) places the
    Modernist bias squarely at the “feet” of ” . . this Woke and
    LGBTQ+ ideology”.

    What a relief and a comfort to fall back on the Warning
    and Wisdom of St. Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney:

    “You must accept YOUR Cross; if you bear it courageously
    it will carry you to [ Synodal Nirvana? N O T !! ] Heaven.”

    “You see, my children, we must reflect that WE HAVE a
    soul to save AND an Eternity that AWAITS US. The World,
    its riches, pleasures, and honours will PASS AWAY; but
    Heaven and Hell will NEVER pass away. Let us take care
    then. The saints did not all begin well; but they all ended
    well. We have begun badly; let us end well, and we shall
    go one day to meet them in Heaven.”

  2. Dear Anthony,

    I recall attending a conference in 2005 which honored Our Lady of Fatima; it was sponsored by Our Lady’s Blue Army , Salt Lake City Utah . Bishop Burke was in attendance .

    His words now flow from his heart which is in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus . His words are voiced into reality as speak in conformity with the messages of Mary and Jesus for several hundred years . BUT , it’s no longer “beware” , it’s “ the smoke of Satan is throughout the Church “

    It is interesting to recall, at least for the United States, “we” are responsible for pushing much of this stuff. Barak Obama stepped up as the facilitator and chief by his presidency . He “normalized” a new “marriage” and confused the masses
    as how to live out sacramental marriage and be family . He is due the title – destroyer . He carried away a third of the population with him and his ideology ( it did not matter Catholic or non-Catholic ) . They still choose to vote for the culture of death .
    They are like fallen angels, joining the fallen angels, and their participation in His Church is accomplished by sheepish clothed people that below their wool hide their wolves undergarments .

    Congratulations for Burke, he should be out there daily. He should be visiting every US dioceses to speak . He should be willing to suffer the fate of Father Pravone – a white martyr for His Church.

    These end of times will get ugly.

    Blessings, Raphael

  3. When Christ asked his disciples the question: “who do you say that I am?” it was Peter who responded, “You are the Christ”. End of discussion.


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