Cardinal Sarah: Francis Is Destroying The Credibility of the Church

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Cardinal Sarah and some laity write letters to Francis begging him to stop his war on the Church.

Here is the longer audio only version that includes and starts with the laity letter.

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YouTube video of Cardinal Sarah’s letter


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5 thoughts on “Cardinal Sarah: Francis Is Destroying The Credibility of the Church

  1. Pope Francis allows/promotes homosexual degenerates to live & party within the walls of the Vatican. If only the halls had ears, but thankfully Grinder exists to document the blasphemy. The Pope LOVES multiculturalism and hates native Europeans. Pope Francis in his native country watched/promoted then absolved the state torture apparatus.

    The Pope derides the word of Christ and believes hell does not exist. The Pope believes adamantly in homosexual civil unions. He commands his flock to get vaccinated even though the shots are derived from aborted fetal & stem cells. The Pope admonishes true Catholics like Sarah while exalting known pedophiles within the Church.

    Has Pope Francis ever seen a globalist he did not like?

  2. Pope Francis need a complete conversion or resign. He is not a Catholic. It is so sad to all Catholics.
    Only blind would not see it.

  3. Anthony, thank you for the work you are doing. I am glad that Cardinal Sarah is speaking up and making wonderful points even though his tone is always so mild I am not sure that he achieves the effect that is needed.

    I believe we need is a well-written online petition addressed to Pope Francis that details all the divisive and disturbing actions taken under this pontificate that have caused so much anguish among the laity. There should be an opportunity for Catholics worldwide to sign this petition which should include our strong objection to the whole Pachamama episode and the apparent attempt to efface the radiance of Our Lady by bringing in this idol to compete with her. You and the other strong voices in Catholic media can lead this effort and get this letter started. We are ready to make our voices heard. Thousands or millions of Catholics signing such a letter will drive the point home that we want the church that Our Lord founded and not an imposter church led by people with their own agendas.

  4. I’m very glad to see Cardinal Sarah speaking up, I predicted that with his retirement he would become more vocal even if he is still somewhat reserved in his comments, this rebuke has been a long time coming. I totally approve of the letter, it echoes my sentiments and I’m sure many others. As with all the western governments, Francis’ abuse of power stems from the NWO agenda and any comments of the ‘underlings’ will be ignored and brushed aside. He doesn’t care, THEY don’t care.


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