Cardinal Muller: The Bishops Have Gone Too Far

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Cardinal Muller responds to Cardinal Batzing in Germany going off the deep end, with his endorsement of sodomy and the rest.



The Vatican Announces Yet More Changes Return To Tradition

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  1. Joe D

    Endorsing sodomy ? Sodom was destroyed for this lifestyle.

    Sad a repetition of Destruction again, Corona was starters !

    Stock some essentials please and Prayer and Repentance of ones sins with will control not to sin again is essential to handle the coming apocalyptic scenarios as a result of sodomy, abortion etc etc

    Hail Queen and Mother of the last times
    Snatch us out of the clutches of evil.

    Hail Philomena rose empurpled by thine own blood, pray for us.

    Do Not take the vaccine !

  2. Michael Dowd

    Yes, agree with Cardinal Muller that the Bishops have gone too far. Such an obvious declaration is not helpful This is not the problem. Bishops have been going to far since Vatican II and undoubtedly before as attested to by pre-Vatican II Pope’s statements about the evils of Modernism. Vatican II was the official acceptance of Modernism in the Catholic Church. Consequently Cardinal Muller’s citing Vatican II theology as the proper direction for the German Bishops to follow is clearly bad advice.

    Vatican II must be abrogated in its entirety as it has been a catastrophe for the Church. We all must follow the advice of Archbishop Vigano as our way forward in the Church. Vigano has been assigned by God as the true spokesman and leader of the His Church in times of internal apostasy where the devil has become the helmsman.


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