Cardinal Cupich Is Coming For Your Latin Mass

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First Chicago, then all of America


The Indwelling Of The Holy Trinity: Trinity Sunday Homily Of Fr John Hardon, SJ Return To Tradition

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One thought on “Cardinal Cupich Is Coming For Your Latin Mass

  1. This may be a swift response by Cardinal Cupich to the Pontifical Requiem High Mass (Mozart’s Requiem in D Minor) offered by the Most Reverend Bishop Joseph Perry and the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius on the Feast of All Souls. Will the Cardinal now prevent them from fulfilling the very charism for which they were founded, “to restore the sacred”? During this month dedicated to the Poor Holy Souls in Purgatory, let us offer prayers, fasts, and sacrifices for them as well as for the preservation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Sacred Tradition.
    If you have some time to watch and pray this Solemn Requiem Mass you will ask why the Modernists are so threatened by the transcendental Goodness, Truth, and Beauty offered in solemn worship to Almighty God? God bless you, Anthony, for your good work!


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