Cardinal Burke SHREDS Francis As The Source of Chaos In The Church

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He doe it in his typical calm way, but the accusation is forceful nonetheless.




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2 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke SHREDS Francis As The Source of Chaos In The Church

  1. Leo Cardinal Burke is WAY too smart for the likes
    of ANTI-VICAR Bergoglio! Why are the BEST in
    the College [ of Cardinals ] wasted on this rigidly
    unfaithful, unreliable, entertaining Ape ??

    Cardinal Burke’s thoroughly “professional” Ecclesial
    letter is also WAY above the “pay-grade” of Latino
    “Liberation Theology” Dictator Bergoglio, smelling up
    the Chair of St. Peter.

    Francis, or a Modernist delegate, may [ or may not ]
    read Cardinal Burke’s letter, may even UNDERSTAND
    what the cancelled head of the Apostolic Signatura
    unpacks in that letter, but he/ they will never respond
    in kind.

    A Dictator stands ALONE, until overthrown by another
    Dictator . . OR by the COLLEGE of Cardinals as one

    But Cardinal Burke is not a Dictato. Nor is the body
    of the College of Cardinals in DECLARED solidarity
    with him.

    Most of the others are Bergoglian picks [ POLITICALLY-
    motivated manoeuvering by Francis ] .

    As a body, ALL need to be trembling —not in the unworthy
    servile fear of Boss Francis but —in the wholesome Fear
    OF GOD, for the very EXISTENCE of Christ and His
    Church, threatened with a false christ and a false
    church, a man-made idol.


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