Cardinal Burke Issues A Blistering Statement About Heretic Bishops

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Burke calls for the dismissal of heretic bishops. Francis responds by elevating McElroy.




Archbishop Sample:

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2 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke Issues A Blistering Statement About Heretic Bishops

  1. Once again, Anthony, profound “Thanks!” for putting together this critical “Homework” for you fellow Laity! Yes,
    Archbishop Semple and the Priests you quote are right and “right ON” . . Frs. “V” and Longnecker as well. But
    yourself especially, by reminding us the Faithful that eating and drinking the Lord’s Body and Blood unworthily
    is to do so TO OUR OWN CONDEMNATION! There’s the “clincher” ( . . and klinker to Hell’s everlasting Jail!).
    St.Paul here —who was shown more “things Mystical” than most other Church-acknowledged Mystics —was NOT
    preaching and writing in current media-controlled and timed format. He meant it. Or, rather, THE LORD MEANS

    Poor Cardinal Jackal. A long-ago Priest acquaintance of mine changed his (Dutch) surname “van Loon” to “Morgan” (!). He, living in an English environment, didn’t want to ba associated any more with any kind of lunacy! We prankster boys —I was in my late teens then —did on occasion call him “Loony tunes”. Cardinal Jackal would have had more cause to change his surname, what with its carnivor-predator implications.

    In today’s podcast, Anthony, A DENIAL OF SIN ITSELF seems to underly the opinions of those you quote, certainly
    James Martin, Jackal, Gregory, the German Bishops, indeed, Francis’s whole pontificate of sound-bytes, talks, and
    published documents. By comparison, in my 77-year time line, what’s totally missing is the sobriety, the weighty,
    UNsmiling-because-profound-Wise-andthought-through words of a Garrigou Lagrange, the Popes of the 19th and
    1st half of the 20th Century, a Padre St.Pio, a Brother St.André Bessette, the obedience and witness of the
    Children of Fatima . . you get the “drift”.

    Gotta go. Grand kids are soon to arrive! Wild, happy innocence! The “age of reason” just around the corner!

    Prairie Grandpa. (Haven’t had time to proof read this. Apologies!)

  2. A much needed and long overdue statement by Cardinal Burke. Now he must face the real challenge; that of the anti-pope Bergolglio because he is the one giving the heretical orders to the bishops. Faithful cardinals, bishops, priests and all those who stand against the monstrous unCatholic and absolutely evil attitudes, statements and lawlessness of the Bergolglian apostasy are destroying the faith which is/was the purpose of placing him in the position of “pope” and of unlawfully removing Pope Benedict XVI from his canonically lawful place as the true Vicar of Christ. Keep in mind, that it was JP2 who raised Bergolglio to the status of Cardinal in opposition to his own Jesuit Superior General, Fr. Kolvenbach, when he was Bishop of Argentina. This is the battle for the Church and Her Holy Magisterium. Bergolglio must be removed on the basis of his public heresies and his status as an antipope in total contradiction to the Catholic faith. Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga has it right and he is not afraid to say it publicly.


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