3 thoughts on “Cardinal Brandmuller Responds to Archbishop Vigano

  1. I appreciate your courage posting this link to Settimo Cielo with the thoughtful response of Cardinal Brandmuller to the arguments made by Archbishop Vigano. Here is a related commentary by Sandro Magister:
    I have been following this story with some interest, but I am not aligned in any way with the “hermeneutics of rupture”. I keep praying, like Card. Brandmuller that patience and modesty prevail (2 Tim 4: 1- 5).

  2. It’s the typical modernist claptrap that gives orthodox Catholics a that special head (and soul) ache that makes migraines seem like a mere inconvenience.

    Brandmuller seems inordinately proud of the event and their footnotes.

    “See, it’s not a bonfire of tradition! Look at all the footnotes we put in with the fuel and the fuze.”

  3. Vatican II is a catastrophe for the Church it must be abrogated in its entirety. There is no other rational conclusion. Vigano is correct; Brandmuller wrong.


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