2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Francis Issues ‘Laudato Deum,” Endorsing A One World Government

  1. ” . . an idol, building a false christ and a
    false church”
      —see: Marian Movement of Priests,
    To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons,
    #406g, the task of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry,
    after FIRST “destroying Christ and His Church”.

    1. P.S.

      Today is the Church’s Liturgical feast day of St.
      Francis of Assisi. Let’s have a LOOK BACK at Oct. 4,
      1673, when St. Margaret Mary is being prepared for
      her daunting task: to establish love for, and devotion
      to, Jesus’ Sacred Heart . . in a loveless Jansenist
      non-Catholic culture at that time:

      “On the feast of St. Francis [ of Assisi ] our Lord let me
      see in prayer this great saint, clad in a raiment of light
      and unspeakable brilliance. He had been raised above
      the other saints . . because his life was so like that of
      the SUFFERING REDEEMER, who is the life of our
      souls and the love of our hearts. [ St. Francis’ ] glory
      was the reward of his great love for THE PASSION of
      our Lord, a love which rendered him worthy of the
      stigmata, and made him one of the great favourites
      of Jesus’ Heart . . . the Divine Bridegroom, as a token
      of His love, gave me St. Francis AS MY SOUL’S GUIDE
      . . to lead me through the . . sufferings which awaited

      The first of the great visions happened on the feast
      of St. John the Apostle, Dec. 27, 1673: “ . . I was
      spending some [ free time ] before the Blessed
      Sacrament. God’s Presence seemed to envelope
      me completely . . it was so intense . . For a long
      time he kept me leaning on his breast, while He
      revealed the wonders of His love and the mysterious
      secrets of His Sacred Heart. Until then, he had
      always kept them hidden; but now, FOR THE FIRST
      TIME, He opened his Heart . . . . “  

      —Heart Of The Redeemer, by Timothy
      O’Donnell, S.T.D./ Trinity Communicatios / 1989,
      Page 128,

      I suppose the love of birds, animals, and care
      for our Planet DO come a RELATED second place
      in priority. But that would have developed “on
      steroids”, had Jansenist Catholics then, and
      secularized, Materialist Catholics now LIVED
      and DEVOTED themselves to the invitations of
      Jesus’ Sacred Heart . . who CONTINUES TO
      INVITE, 24/7 !


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