Breaking: Key Papal Adviser Accused Of Heretical Blasphemy

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When a key adviser to Francis says that Jesus didn’t possess all knowledge, there are problems.




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4 thoughts on “Breaking: Key Papal Adviser Accused Of Heretical Blasphemy

  1. This is all in preparation for the anti-christ and the One World Religion.
    Jorge “the Heretic” Bergayglio and his cohorts will welcome them in.

    In 2 Timothy 4:3 we read “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but having itching ears, they shall heap to themselves teachers in accordance with their own lusts.”

    We are living in THAT time!

  2. Hi Dr. Stine –
    Thank you for this post – you are right on in your criticism of Spadaro. Here’s a tip for your further research – all of this “fuzzy” heretical Christology on the part of Bergoglio and his fellow Jesuits has its roots in the heretical Christology of Karl Rahner. I was forced to study him extensively while working on a grad degree at a Jesuit university – unreal!!! I’ve heard that Pope Pius XII was asked to excommunicate Rahner 3 times – but for various reasons, he did not — imagine if he had!! The poison of Rahner is everywhere now – you would serve us well by doing a show on the heretical, Arian, pan-entheism theology of Rahner – which also has shades of Teilhard thrown into the mix as icing on the cake — Rahner’s “god-man” was evolving, you see — toward some kind of omega point himself – he was ever changing – like the god of surprises! – as Spadaro and Berg explain! Totally not Christian – totally pagan – this is why all the world’s religions are seen as equal in the minds of these apostate Jesuits. One Jesuit prof in the university community I attended even said: “Jesus Christ is a mere footnote in the history of religions.” Rahnerians, all of them. No wonder St. Ignatius of Loyola is often shown weeping in pictures of him. He must hate this apostasy in his order so much!! Thank you for all you are doing for the Church! I always check your blog – much appreciated!

  3. This is almost funny . . ALMOST! Fr. “Spud” [ my
    apologies, but it fits ] needs a bit of bar-b-kewing
    over the hot “Coals” of the Last Supper. Let him
    try and empty that SACRIFICIAL OFFERING of
    the Divine, of the Divine INTENT.

    The manifestation of Jesus Divinity to Peter,
    James, and John on the Mountain concluded
    with Jesus’ admonition to His chosen three:

    “As they were coming down the mountain,
    Jesus ordered them, ‘Tell no one about the
    vision until the Son of Man has been

    Try and “humanize” and “UN-divinize” THAT,
    my dear Padré.

    1. Clarification: ” . . that Sacrificial Offering by Christ
      of the DIVINE INTENT.”


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