BREAKING: Francis To RADICALLY CHANGE How The Next Pope Is Elected!

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Are you ready for laity hand-picked by Francis to vote in the next conclave?




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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Francis To RADICALLY CHANGE How The Next Pope Is Elected!

  1. Well done as usual Mr. Stine. Without a doubt, the foretold Anti pope, Bergoglio, is focused on undoing nearly 2,000 years of tradition, doctrines and dogmas. Sadly, the Saint Gallen mafia and several prominent Freemason cardinals who were members of the 2013 papal conclave and also members of the Saint Gallen mafia were successful in their behind the scenes lobbying to get Bergoglio elected into the Chair of Peter.

    On another subject, I would invite you and those who follow your podcasts to listen to Fr. Marcellus Moylan speak about the prophesied Three Days of Darkness, the Chastisement, and the Restoration of the church.

    Sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Larry Welch

  2. This is becoming a total farce and those prelates, etc. who insist on kicking the can down the road are not carrying out their scared duty. Talkin is not going to change Francis and his handlers. He is a heretic who is literally making a farce out of them, our holy faith, Christ, our Savior and everything else that is holy and sacred. How much longer are they going to shirk their sacred duty? I believe that every true Catholic needs to understand that this hideous and evil synod needs to be put to rest permanently. The church I attend had a wonderful procession and prayer tribute on the Feast of Christ the King. I didn’t hear or see anything like that anywhere else, did you. The Chastisement can’t be far off especially since we are now facing a world war. We’ve gone too far. Our Lady has said the Chalice is overflowing and she can no longer offer help. it’s gone way too far.

  3. Dear St. Joseph,

    What would you do in the face of this whole
    confabulaating schmozzle?

    Well, PLEASE, intercede for this for sake of
    Jesus Christ and His Church.

    Jesus, I trust in Y O U !


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