BREAKING: Francis Doubles Down On Insult To Bishops With New Latin Mass Decree

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Say goodbye to your loopholes preventing Traditionis Custodes from taking effect.




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2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Francis Doubles Down On Insult To Bishops With New Latin Mass Decree

  1. This is a repeat comment from your previous
    podcast, Anthony, because its source is Fr.
    Gerald Murray, a noted Canonist from New
    York Diocese :

    When I read ANY of FR. GERALD MURRAY’s
    articles —especially his most recent (Sat. Feb.
    18, 2023) —in The Catholic Thing, it becomes
    urgently and frighteningly OBVIOUS that the
    sitting Vicar of CHRIST, Pope Francis, is NOT
    His Vicar —doesn’t behave like it — but

    [see: ]

    First and last paragraph will have to do here.
    Fr. Murray’s doctrinal reasons are clearly
    spelled out in the body of the article. Well-
    known, Fr. Murray is the “straight-shooting”
    and CALM Canonist from a Parish in
    New York city and Diocese :

    “The situation of the Catholic Church at
    present is one of grave disorder, DUE IN
    LARGE PART to the willingness of Pope
    Francis to say, do, and tolerate things that
    NO Pope in history has ever said, done, or

    “Pope Francis’ manifest NEGLECT OF HIS
    DUTY to defend the Church’s teaching in
    the face of GRAVE ERRORS calls for a
    ‘tough love’, i.e., intervention in which
    courageous CARDINALS and BISHOPS,
    setting aside customary politeness and
    deference, FRANKLY TELL THE POPE
    that this madness be stopped. NOW.”

    Need we be reminded of Our Lady’s
    warning in 1989 —and SINCE Fatima —
    ” . . the task of Ecclesiastical Free-
    masonry . . is that of DESTROYING
    Christ and His Church, BUILDING A
    NEW IDOL, namely a false christ and
    a false church . . ” 1989, June 13, “The
    Beast Like A Lamb.”
    [To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved
    Sons, Marian Movement of Priests ].

    [ emphases mine, c&e ]

    1. P.S.
      Pope Francis remains in our morning
      family prayers, bearing in mind the
      instructions which St. Catherine of Siena
      received during one ecstasy: “Catholics
      owe obeisansce [deference and respect]
      to the Vicar of Christ [who occupies the
      Chair of St. Peter] EVEN IF HE IS THE
      DEVIL INCARNATE” (!!!!!)

      We use the prayer  —the Morning Offering —
      for Pope Francis, by The Catholic Company,
      out of North Carolina:

      “Almighty and everlasting God, have mercy
      upon Your servant, Pope Francis, our
      Supreme Pontiff, and direct him, according
      to Your Loving Kindness, in the way of
      ETERNAL Salvation, that he may desire
      only what is pleasing to You and is according
      to Your Will. Grant that he may accomplish
      it with all his might [ we’ve added: and with
      the intercession of St. Sebastian and all
      Heaven’s soldierly cohorts, to protect, guide,
      and defend him, and, above all, the intercession
      of St. Catherine of Siena, TRUE Apostle of
      the Vicar of Christ on Earth. This we beg
      through the INFINITE Merits of Jesus Christ,
      Your Beloved Son, Our Lord and Saviour.


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