Bishops Of North America Endorse Heresy To No One’s Great Surprise

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The Synod of Synodality is the Satanic gift that keeps on giving.




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2 thoughts on “Bishops Of North America Endorse Heresy To No One’s Great Surprise

  1. I think you are right to ask whether we’re experiencing the prophesied ape of the Church. So many Catholics whom I’d expect to “know better” are at best oblivious to the idea or, what’s much worse, stubbornly unwilling to consider it. I think a lot more Catholics will be taken in than I would have thought possible.

  2. Anthony, thanks so much for unpacking “this farce”, in “this
    age of error”, while the lukewarmness of a majority of Laity
    remains barely noticed, if at all.

    @11:42 ” . . the fruits of that [ horizontal ONLY ] experience”
    . . to this prairie Grandpa, is a NON-reflective, 75mph,
    addiction to merely human “experience”, driving a mass
    delusion into a self-deceived fools paradise.

    . . . kind of like the Israelites wanting THEIR own king, instead
    of remaining trusting and loyal to the Kind of Kings. Turns out
    Saul got chosen . . a sore loser in the end.

    Similarly, the Church’s Sacred Deposit of the Faith, going all
    the way back to: Christ, the “Keys” of Authority given to Peter,
    followed —after the Resurrection — by the promised Paraclete
    “electrifying” the Apostles with Christ’s mandate “Go into the
    whole world, teaching all I have COMMANDED you”, all of
    that today a “DONE DEAL”, solid historical evidence of
    the fruitfulness of preaching the Gospel .

    Yet all of this “hard evidence” is not good-enough for in-power
    Modernists, who think “synodalism” [ snotty-nose-ism? ] is
    a better idea.

    And so, @12: 04 ” . . its going to get better, AS WE MOVE
    ON.” . . in what kind of “vehicle”? . . and if “it” runs out of, er,
    uh . . “gas” [ breath; hot air; feelings ] what next ?

    Making decisions and predictions, WHILE “careening” down
    the freeway—our automobile culture ASSUMES that such
    movement will last forever, whether gas or electric driven —
    remains an unwise assumption.

    Such isn’t the Catholic Faith. Such isn’t Christ and HIS Body,
    the Church, deliberating. This is the 75mph very shallow
    off-the-cuff Masonic Principle operating: “Man is
    INFINITELY PERFECTIBLE”. Without Christ ! In other
    words, this is PELAGIANISM on steroids !

    Yes! The five first Saturdays —if not already implemented —
    are an effective ( as PROMISED by Heaven ) “jump-start”
    to restoring a Catholic Sacramental Life in the (TRUE, NON
    ape Of) Church.


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