Bishop Who Desecrated Tabernacle Reacts Angrily To His Critics

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Why are they like this?




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3 thoughts on “Bishop Who Desecrated Tabernacle Reacts Angrily To His Critics

  1. This is the main reason homosexuality has historically been supressed; once it takes root in an institution, it quickly metastasizes and overtakes all other functions.

  2. Whenever some sort of animal is depicted as crucified, it is an absolutely satanist offering of obscene sacrilege.

  3. Kudos for Bishop Strickland and that young unbeliever fellow. While the Worldly heavy-weights are given centre stage by paid
    media, “a rose by any other name is still a rose”. Christ and His
    Church’s Deposit of Faith REMAINS exactly, and “rigidly”, that despite the “new” givens of would-be reformers. Yes, the Lay Faithful may END UP being robbed of Christ and His Church, fed an idol, a false christ and a false church —HUSKS. How did Japanese Catholics remain faithful for 400 (?) years after the Nagasaki persecution? But they did.


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