Bishop Warns The Faithful About The True Aims of Francis’ Synod

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Finally getting some resistance to Francis’ excesses and errors.




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4 thoughts on “Bishop Warns The Faithful About The True Aims of Francis’ Synod

  1. Well done, Anthony. I start my day every day listening to RTT. Your explanation of the motivation of the normie misguided Modernists (if we don’t change the Church, these deplorables will become fascie) makes perfect sense and is something I had never thought of. Of course. That explains their mania to smash Tradition. This episode was your best commentary ever, and I’ve been listening to you for over a year now. Thanks again.

  2. ” . . REMAKE the Church”? Let’s suppose any and all efforts in
    creating an idol, a false christ and a false church, fail . . as
    CCP efforts in China to wipe out the “underground” Catholic
    Church there will eventually fail. Cardinal Zen’s “Kangaroo”
    trial has already been “ham-strung” by significant international

    We can take a lesson from Japanese persecution of the
    Church and its he banishment of Europeans. The Tokugawa
    shogunate banned Christianity in 1614. Many Catholics
    went underground, becoming hidden Christians ( kakure
    krishitan) .. until 1853, when Commodore Matthew
    Perry showed up with state-of-the-art warships. Concludes
    a Shimazu Nariakira, “If we take the initiative, we can
    dominate; if we do not, we will be dominated”. Thus, Japan
    threw open its doors to foreign technology, the primary
    motive for re-opening the country.

    In 1865 some underground Japanese Catholics, who lived
    near Nagasaki, visited the new Oura Church built by
    the Paris Foreign Missions Society and completed barely
    a month before. A woman of the visiting group spoke to the
    French missinary there, Fr. Bernard Thaddée Petitjean [ see ]. She
    revealed to him that she and their families had kept the
    Kirishitan Faith.

    The group wanted to see the statue of the Virgin Mary with
    their own eyes, and to confirm that the Priest was single
    and truly came from the Pope in Rome.

    Fr. Petitjean investigated their underground organizatins
    and discovered that they had KEPT THE RIGHT OF
    European Priests for nearly 250 years. His report to
    Rome surprised the Christian world. Bl. Pius IX called it
    a miracle.


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