Bishop Strickland Speaks! He May Get Removed From His Office!

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Our worst expectations may come to pass soon.




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3 thoughts on “Bishop Strickland Speaks! He May Get Removed From His Office!

  1. I have met Bp. Strickland and saw him in action for most of a week. He is not an attention seeker. In his book he admits to learning and growing in the Faith. The complaints about him seem mostly picayune from the permanently disgruntled who themselves can show no better achievements. I am not attacking the detractors but showing how their scorecards exceed their penmanship. Let us watch how this plays out. And pray for the man and the miter.

  2. so he will speak because the truth must come out. If he is to be hanged for a sheep may as well be for a lamb too. Either way, he is doomed. Next trot out the ‘ excommunication’ label for good measure. That’ll fool Catholics.

  3. “Bishop Strickland speaks!” Praised by Jesus Christ
    for that! . . and so what if he gets removed from “his
    Office”, ecclesial Offices now within the purview of
    Francis, having been hi-jacked by him.

    But then there is the personal disposition called
    “awareness”, being-made-conscious of the TRUTH,
    from being UNaware [ of the TRUTH, mouthing
    status-quo understandings ] to becoming aware
    of the full TRUTH, to being acutely aware of the
    full TRUTH.

    The time-period from partial to full awareness of
    the TRUTH can be anywhere from an instant [ a
    St.Paul-being-knocked-off-his-horse moment ] to
    “within the hour”, to a day, a month, or more. It
    all depends on the “nature” of the awaree: “Grace
    [ which is ALWAYS tied to the fullness of the TRUTH,
    i.e. Jesus Christ Himself ] BUILDS ON NATURE.

    Thus, in our current culture —which has been
    befogging not only the BLAZING [ and blinding! ]
    identity of Jesus Christ, but also of His teaching
    [ i.e. the WHOLE of the “Rigid” Sacred Deposit of
    Faith ] and of the Apostolic Authority bestowed on
    EACH Bishop since Our Lord handed Peter “the
    KEYS” —the on-going drama today for both
    the Hierarchy and the Baptized is to WAKE UP !

    . . from Ecclesial Wokeness to a reincarnated,
    Holy Spirit-SENT Peter, Paul, the Apostles, and
    all the Saints since Apostolic Times.

    Seems to this Prairie Grandpa, that Bishop Joseph
    Strickland has been powerfully moved by the
    “fullness of the TRUTH”, personally transformed
    by the very Real Presence of Eucharistic Adoration
     —Jesus Christ Himself. Otherwise, how can he so
    relentlessly champion the PRACTISE OF Eucharistic
    Adoration ??

    We each and all have to PLACE OURSELVES before
    Him . . and FIRST LEARN [ from Him ] to
    “be still”.


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