Bishop Strickland Got In Trouble With Pretty Much Everyone

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Which is more tiresome: Catholic Twitter drama or people constantly claiming the SSPX are in schism?




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9 thoughts on “Bishop Strickland Got In Trouble With Pretty Much Everyone

  1. I think it is sad that people cannot have a discussion just because they have different view points. It used to be that through discussion people often came to a greater understanding. That seems impossible today. It seems many simply hangup and will away. How does that make things better?

  2. How about if all participants back away from their keyboards
     —not that any have in fact not done so —and FIRST consult
    [ in Sacred Silence ] with Our Lord present in the
    tabernacle and absorb HIS “take” (once its become clear)
    on pertinent aspects of the SSPX quandary . . like Venerable
    Fulton Sheen did EVERY DAY of his SIXTY YEARS
    of Priesthood.

    Perhaps the still-existing “snags” re. the SSPX are an
    in-house affair to be dealt with internally , , for however
    long that will take.

    1. Bergoglio & his clique are squatters who have unlawfully seized the structure of the Church & Catholics sit on their hands & say they can’t do anything until a pope says he’s not pope. God will not deliver anyone nor the faithful as a whole who accept the demonic lie that he is pope. No transubstantiation can occur in the fake prayer services of Pope Montini, so the chapels reserved for the Blessed Sacrament are part of the illusion, as much as Anglo-Catholics ape Catholic practices.

      1. Ah! . . the Sede(vecantes) position . . the ONLY reasonable
        position? . . reasonable ?? Why, then, are their OTHER
        equally reasonable men and women holding OTHER
        reasonable positions ?

        ” . . DO NOT have the divine protection of . . infallibility”, which
        reasonable position nullifies NEITHER the “Chair of Peter”,
        NOR the Authority [ “the Keys” ] with which Christ invested
        St. Peter, NOR the Mystical Head of the Church, Christ
        Himself, who remains until time is no more, NOR, therefore,
        the VALIDITY [ Vatican II did not nullify or cancel the Mass ]
        of the Mass, offered 24/7 globally by validly-ordained Priests
        . . so that we Faithful CAN [ and DO ] seek certitude in
        Silence before the DIVINELY-INHABITED tabernacle of
        ANY Catholic Church or Chapel . . or field-Altar in war time.

        None of the above are nullified or “cancelled” just because
        a squatter Latino Dictator has parked his fat ass on “the
        Chair of Peter”. Apes can only ape.

        So, unless and until somebody [ but WHO, pray tell ? ] cuts
        off Christ’s Head, He AND HIS CHURCH REMAIN . . until
        time is no more. His Church? . . in agony once again, flogged,,
        spat upon, derided, thorn-crowned, nailed to a Cross on a
        hill for ALL to see . . but what else is new in HIS Church’s
        long march through the ages ??

        Neither Sedevecantes, nor “Benedict [ or whomever ] is Pope”,
        nor any other “interim” self-appointed being or body can
        substitute for “the Keys”, the Authority given by Christ to
        Peter and the Apostles.

        We Faithful will simply have to endure, resist and disobey,
        but ALWAYS “pray, pray, pray ” !

        1. It’s not an easy conclusion to come to. But the contrary, the Sede-occupationist position, destroys papal infallibility and the indefectability of the Church at one blow. “Recognize and resist” makes nonsense of infallibility & the sovereign power invested in Peter’s successors. It is unreasonable to insist that a pope is both infallible, but really not, and that the occupant can spread heresy far and wide, as long as he doesn’t put an official seal on it.
          If Bergoglio IS pope, you are obliged to submit to him. If you do not, then you are doing the very thing you say we are doing: deciding which bits shall be obeyed and which shall not. And God will not deliver anyone from the power of a demon like that who holds Bergoglio if they still consent to the blasphemous lie that this is the Vicar of Christ.

          1. “We Faithful will simply have to endure, resist and disobey,
            but ALWAYS ‘pray, pray, pray’ !”

            Look, your rigorous Logic is fool-proof —and fools-proof.
            First of all, thanks for taking the time to apply same to
            the issue(s) at hand. Secondly, I’ve never studied, nor
            taken courses in [ formal ] Logic. Never did Logic
            exercises so as to get GOOD at THINKING LOGICALLY.

            While Jorge Bergoglio may, through an official Conclave
            ( legitimate? Illegitimate, because politically manoeuvred?),
            occupy, sit in, assume the Chair of St. Peter —and all
            that it implies [ real Authority from Christ through His
            successors ] —simple observation by the Faithful Laity
            over this man’s 10 yr pontificate thus far clearly shows
            “Pope Francis” NOT ACTING [ behaving, deciding ] like
            a true VICAR OF CHRIST. Bishop Athanasius Schneider
            satisfied for myself REAL reasons for “resisting and
            DISobeying” Francis’ seriously problematic utterances.
            The guy, so far as I’ve read, is officially AGAINST the
            title “VICAR” [ OF CHRIST ?? ].

            Regarding “pray, pray, pray” we both know that this
            simply an URGENT summation of Our Lady, not
            only from Fatima, 1917, but from each of her major
            visits to our tainted world (LaSalette; Akita; Rwanda;
            many others),

            But praying DAILY her Holy Rosary takes URGENT
            “pride” of place and time, at least since St.Dominic (1209).
            But WHY the Rosary ??

            Lourdes, Oct. 7, 1979, Feast of Our Lady of the
            Rosary, from “To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved
            Sons” [ translated]:
            “By this prayer, you offer your heavenly Mother a
            powerful force in intervening for the salvation of many
            of my poor straying children AND in disposing the
            painful events of your time ACCORDING TO the
            Motherly plan of my Immaculate Heart. [She’s not
            AT ALL side-stepping the chaotic, insane, diabolical
            events —and persons and places —of today ].

            Your entire Rosary . . is like an immense chain of
            love AND SALVATION with which you are able to
            encircle PERSONS and SITUATIONS, and even
            to influence all the events of your time.

            Continue to recite it . . thus responding to the invitation
            which the first of my beloved sons [ “My Pope”, i.e.,
            John Paul II ], the VICAR OF JESUS has so urgently
            made to you.”

            Can anyone honour Francis with such high designation??

            John H., don’t slacken in your exercise of rigorous Logic.
            As for myself, I can claim only the status of a tempermental
            kid hanging on [ for dear LIFE ! ] to his Heavenly Mom’s
            “apron strings”.

            A Momma’s boy? So be it.


      2. P.S.

        Bottom line: only God can judge the Pope, whether a
        legitimate Vicar or a politically manoeuvred one.

        In his advice on unnecessary letters to the Press
        1859, [ internet/ emails/ podcasts today ] St. John
        Vianney’s is more pertinent than ever: “Instead of
        raising your voice in the newspapers, raise it
        before the door of the Tabernacle” . . again, like
        Ven. Fulton Sheen did DAILY for 60 years . .
        Bergoglio or no Bergoglio.

        1. That is a circular argument. It asserts what it supposedly proves: “He is pope, so you can’t judge whether he is or not.” Absurd and against the rules of reason. Pleading irrational faith and oxymorons only condemns others to wallow in bottomless quicksand.

  3. By redefining the relationship between the pope and the bishops, under guise of trying to flesh out the role of bishops, Vatican 2 redefined the papacy & the entirety of the hierarchy. The redefinition is so fundamental that even a bishop as good generally as Strickland is left with the fundamentally contradictory position that a man is truly pope who manifestly and constantly inverts every doctrinal definition and practice of the Faith. This is a psychotic inversion of the very essence of the papacy, which is why the exchanges between Catholics trying to affirm the lunacy of “bit he’s still pope” are so psychologically and doctrinally fraught.
    The Sede position is the only reasonable position. We affirm that the neo-popes, the ecumen-popes, DO NOT have the divine protection of the infallibility. To assert that they are popes is simply evacuate the fundamental grounds FOR the papacy itself. Infallibility to a sort of Schrödinger’s Cat. . “ He is, but he isn’t always, but he is, and he’s still pope.” Such an irrational Catholicism is neither traditional nor even remotely practicable.


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