Bishop Strickland Attacked Again & The Laity Rush To His Defense

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The useful idiots of the Bergoglians are beating the drum of war against Bishop Strickland.




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2 thoughts on “Bishop Strickland Attacked Again & The Laity Rush To His Defense

  1. Objectively, if an American bishop is not at minimum criticizing the errors of the former archbishop of Buenos Aires, the homosexualist mafia that runs Rome and the USCCB, the grubmint of this country, and the lassitude of the rest of the episcopate whilst getting out with the sheep to fight this gale of evil a la Bishop Strickland, then the man should resign to stop the ongoing scandal and do penance for his own salvation. Rags like NC Distorter prove that if a deviancy is allowed, it comes to dominate. After the clean up, let us remember that.

  2. Letter in response from the Laity: excellent !

    If only Francis would have responded AS quickly,
    and AS thoroughly to the original four “Dubia”


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