Bishop Robert Barron’s Huge News That Everyone’s Getting Wrong

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He’s not getting punished, they’re preparing him for the future.




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3 thoughts on “Bishop Robert Barron’s Huge News That Everyone’s Getting Wrong

  1. Looks like Barron is going to have to find some new muscle boys to surround himself with..

  2. Anthony, got to hand it to Bishop Barron, especially his daily/ weekly presentation of the Saints! We’re all in the
    “business” of becoming a saint. “The saddest thing is NOT to become a Saint” (Leon Blois ??) But the “Sum and
    Source” of all sanctification and holiness is the Eucharist —the bread and wine made into the Body, Blood, Soul,
    and Divinity of Christ. “He who does not eat My Body nor drink My Blood CANNOT have LIFE within him.”
    Is Bishop Barron on “trial”, being “primed” for Pope Francis-style governance of the Church? Are Bishop Barron’s
    Masses valid? Are Francis’ Masses? Is Jorge Bergoglio a valid Vicar of Christ ( . . HE doesn’t like that role “Vicar”)?
    I dont’ know. Can’t finalized a verdict on that one! My wife and I are simply profoundly thankful to have been led to
    St.John the Evangelist Ordinariate Parish, in NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The building dates back to around 1907,
    is a registered Heritage building, contains original stained glass windows, wooden floors & pews which DO creak.
    Most of all we are fortunate to have a Pastor and assistant Pastor who are both converts from Anglicanism. Both are good Homilists keeping we Laity whetted to our Catholic identity as apostles for the Merciful and the Just Christ.
    The Church’s “Hard sayings” are integral to His Mercy. Young families continue to be attracted. With its Anglican roots, our Parish also continues to have ties with England (we pray weekly for Francis, the Queen, and Bishop Lopes of the Ordinariate, who resides in Texas). England’s Shrine to Our Lady of Walsingham has made a marvelous
    “resurrection” recently since King Henry’s depredations 500 years ago. Many here are deep devotees of this Shrine;
    our Pastor has gotten a large first-class wooden sculpture that Mother and Child. It sits in the “Lady Chapel”, across
    “the way” from St.Joseph and the Boy Jesus. I’m a St.Joseph guy; keep plenty of vigil lights burning before him I’m
    sure Mary doesn’t mind . . much! (“There is no envy among the Saints in Heaven”)

    No matter HOW Francis, or the Vatican, or Bishop Barron, or Bishop Lopes “turn out” we Laity MAY NOT LOSE
    OUR PEACE about ANY outcomes! “Hell’s gates WILL not prevail.” Remember? Keep the Prayers coming !!

  3. Sharp Ecclesial sleuthing, Anthony ! Thanks once again. Don’t know how any of us WW II-vintage Grandpas can
    forget our “rigid” Catholic upbringing and Catechesis. Your podcasts and many others have cleared my memories. I DO remember all the seismic shifts in the Church since Pius XII. I was raised on the Pre-Vatican II liturgy (Latin,
    hymns & choral tradition;, played for “guitar Masses” ’til 1971; then re-discovered Our Lady through Madonna House and its wholesome community life . . prayer, and work modelled on the Russian Village of pre-Revolution Holy Mother Russia. Madonna House included at least two fine-arts artists, and has been selling their work —Religious Icons, and still-life and landscape work —even now. Daily prayer included Greek Catholic “Eastern” liturgy (Chant; hymns; Icons/ Iconostasis; the Mass; in a Russian-style Church-in-the-woods, onion dome ‘n all) . Re-claimed de-stoned farm land, made to produce and support standard garden produce, chickens, cows, milk, cheese . . out door ovens for home-made bread . . . surrounded by Nature’s trees, a river (the Madawaska), hills, an annual maple syrup “crop” from the plenty maple trees. Wholesome. Communal. Prayer-based. CATHOLIC. Receiving and feeding and showing
    dozens/ hundreds of visitors from the Provinces, the States, even from Russia itself. THESE folks recognized the
    “Russian Village” that Madonna House is.

    Fast forward to work in the city . . marriage . . raising a family (two boys; Novus Ordo Diocese) . . move to the Prairies . . HAPPY discovery of the Sarum Rite (11th Century, Salisbury Diocese, England) in an Ordinariate Parish. Pope
    Benedict’s acceptance of Anglicans through an Ordinariate has grown from zero young families to bulging-at-the-
    seams young families with little kids with every musical “key” of crying and vocal expression. Picked up many new young families during Covid “restrictions”. Holy House registered grade school is thriving on Parish premises. So is home-schooling at home. Family “Fellowship” —a term I’m still not used to as a meat-n-potato North European Canadian Catholic —has resumed in the Hall attached, after two of the Masses . . where kids can be kids and parents can be thoroughly acqainted with fellow and new families. Covid had very little impact, NO damage on Parish relationships and spirit, though our Pastor was down for a month . . but OK now and back to his normal very approachable self.


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