Bishop Paprocki Calls A Francis Flunky A Heretic & Causes An Online Firestorm

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Hopefully he doesn’t backtrack or anything…..




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3 thoughts on “Bishop Paprocki Calls A Francis Flunky A Heretic & Causes An Online Firestorm

  1. “Paths”, “dialogue”, “challenges”, “synodal processes”,
    “radical inclusion”, “structures”, “exclusion”, “alienate”
    etc etc etc . . by now boring buzz words, from a virtue-
    signalling brain . . pesky mental ear-wigs, makin’ me
    RUN for my box of Q-tips . . for scouring purposes!

    Only one thing to do with these flaky words, these
    freshly-caught mac(k)’lroys: fry ’em up with butter ‘n
    onions for lunch.

    ” . . from the church” ?? What “church”? Who’s
    “church” ? Burdensome? . . then git yerself back
    into the TRUE Church . . of Jesus Christ, and
    UN-burden yourself by making a good Confession,
    putting a stop to feigned catechizing.

    REAL Catechesis? . . check with St.Peter
    Canisius,SJ, who put all Germany back on
    track . . THREE Catechisms, one for each
    appropriate age.

    I suggest y’alls begin with his Little Catechism
    (for teens), but you may find even that hard to
    swallow, since even that one contains the
    “meat-and-potatoes” of what THE CHURCH teaches,

  2. Yes, Christ was called nefarious names by his enemies; those in positions of temple authority who actually knew he was the Christ because they knew the Scriptures. The same is happening in the Novus Ordo church of the “New Order”. Yes, they knew he was the Christ and had him scourged and crucified nonetheless. I’m not surprised at this latest attempt by the enemies of the Cross to claim they are being persecuted for their “love” of their fellow man and that we, their persecutors, are to blame. I expect more of this to come because as Fr. Chad Ripperger recently stated, ” when they can’t get you to follow their heresy and worse, they resort to draconian measures i.e. force. Soon we will enter Passion Week. Let it be one of the most holy we’ve ever experienced by uniting our sufferings to those of Our Precious Lord and his Holy Mother who was faithful to the very end.

  3. Most Loved Anthony,

    Thank You 🙏!!!
    Where is your investigation taking you on Cardinal McElroy ?

    Your reporting today brings to mind your reporting on The Trinitarians of Mary which dates to a post “Holy Nuns…. “ July 2022.

    In that, you gave , McElroy, responsible for the “disbanding” of the Trinitarians of Mary in role as Bishop of San Diego ( the Trinitarians of Mary have a small monestary house in San Diego and foundress Moter Lillie has been in “exile” from the flagship Tecate , Mexico monestary for 7 years in the United States )
    The Order was taken over by Bishop of Tiajuana , as may be inclusive to a monestary house in Guadalajara, 7 years ago.
    Why ? All gossip and slander as Mother Lillie became denounced by a sister who desired to lead the Order for at least a Tecate/Mexico faction whom she formed (power ). Tijajuana Bishop received complaints from within ( internal dispute ) and the Tiajuana Bishop ran with it and installed another Order to manage out of Mexico City as Tecate monestary became “broken”.

    But why did Tiajuana Bishop take the denomination seriously ? Because Mother Lillie vocalized ( whistleblower ) to the priest abuse crisis in Northern Mexico early 2000’s to her then Bishop ? She made the
    “bad list “ ?

    Fast forward, 20 years, and priest abuse crisis now Bishop against Bishop in the Church . McElroy, desirous to please his “boss” Frances, then possibly got ahead of himself ( “disbanding” the Trinitarians of Mary July 22 ) knowing he was under consideration as Cardinal ?
    He then rewarded with Cardinal August 22, 2022 ?

    BUT, this “disbanding” may have been the last thing that Francis desired ? The “feta compli , it put Frances in a position of defending him ? This when Francis knew the investigation of 7 years was bullshit as to give cover for Mother Lillies poor treatment as bad list whistle blower of 20 years earlier ? Bishop of Tiajuana then “went with” the gossip and slander to grab beautiful monestary property deeded to The Trinitarians of Mary
    ( property/mountain, worth millions, I understand does not belong to Tiajuana Diocese and the matter may be under litigation in Mexico )

    So now, Frances who says interested in healing priest abuse crisis, in position on side against the Trinitarians of Mary who are perpetual Adoration and pray for His Church ? So now Frances might have to rein back in McElroy ?

    Time for you to ramp up your investigation?

    Blessings , Raphael


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