Bishop Issues Blistering Critique of Synod, Risks Strickland Treatment, & The SSPX Issue Scathing Statements

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The SSPX chime in on the Bishop Strickland situations and ditch their typically moderate-tone for discussing eclesiastical politics, while Archbishop Gadecki of Poland puts himself on the line for the truth.










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One thought on “Bishop Issues Blistering Critique of Synod, Risks Strickland Treatment, & The SSPX Issue Scathing Statements

  1. [ all emphases mine ]

    Thank you, Anthony, for bringing to light another
    good (Arch)Bishop, Bishop Gadecki. Prairie Gramps
    here hasn’t felt called upon to identify all the good
    Bishops on the Globe, nor to visit them with
    a programed super-drone.

    Archbishop Gadecki is correct, because WHOLLY
    Catholic. Synodalist planners are an ABRASION
    o the Sacred Deposit of Faith, the Catholic Faith.

    @9:58 ff “ . . staying close to the Sacraments . .
    Indifference . . [ IGNATIAN “indifference”, i.e., ready
    And disposed to do the WILL OF GOD, “indifferent”
    to Every other choice once God’s is clear ] “ is
    one way of decribing the DNA of the ORDINARY
    Faithful practising layman and laywoman.

    Insofar as G.K.Chesteron’s “democracy of the dead”
    [ our deceased ancestors’s LIVING Faith and
    THAT testimony on record and in the memories
    of family, friends, and relations ] remains the
    reality FOREVER. Venerable Bishop Fulton
    Sheen would have been decked long ago by a
    Francis for having been and acted like a “Statue
    Of Liberty”-style Catholic from EVERY point
    of view.

    It’s almost funny! . . yes, Francis, you HAD BETTER
    remember Chesteron’s “Democracy of the Dead”
    [ Popes, Bishops, Lay men and women . . those
    canonized by the Church, those awaiting the
    final Resurrection ] !! As a matter of reported fact
    these nine years, it’s what Y O U are after:
    DEMOCRACY! Correct ? . . though it’s difficult
    to see how a Latino DICTATOR will countenance
    even that!

    They’ll be you judges . . the whole Communion
    Of Saints, the Souls in Purgatory, the living Church
    Militant . . never mind their Just Judge, Head and
    King, Christ Himself.

    So will Satan, the great Accuser . . and his fellow


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