Bishop In Controversy Over Alleged Criminal Misconduct Responds

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Bishop Michael Olson has responded to allegations made by nuns against him. Its getting widely panned.




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5 thoughts on “Bishop In Controversy Over Alleged Criminal Misconduct Responds

  1. According to veteran Exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger —on the topic of
    the dominant vice of a Nation —the National Vice of America is

    “St. Charles Borromeo, pray for the Church, its genuine
    renewal . . pray for us !”

    “Immaculate Conception, restore humility & GENEROSITY to
    America, and endow her with a love of [ spiritual ] POVERTY
    [ nothing is possessed that hasn’t been providentially first
    been GIVEN ].

    1. Post Script: Given the overall Demonic “Glee”
      beclouding both Civil and Ecclesial government
      and Politics today, America’s National Vice is
      having a “field day” in the Public domain.

      1. St. Joseph, lover of Poverty,
        pray for us.

        St. Joseph, chaste guardian of the Virgin,
        [ and ALL virgins ] pray for us.

        St. Joseph, with St. Michael, terror of Demons,
        pray for us.

        St. Joseph, with St. Michael, protector of Holy
        Mother Church, pray for us.

        v/ He made him [ Joseph ] Lord of His House,
        r/ And ruler over all His possessions.

        By the intercession of St. Michael and the
        heavenly choir of Seraphim,
        may the Lord make us worthy
        to burn with the fire of PERFECT CHARITY.
        ( Chaplet of St. Michael, 1st invocation ).

    2. Looking on from Australia I agree the Priest should be named, but what the actual Truth of the matter is Only The Lord knows

      1. Maybe both —name of Priest; final outcome — will
        be public in the near/ distant future. The Lord DOES
        expect us to our [ Lord-given ] minds to arrive at
        the truth of persons, places, events . . nor does
        He rush us. Compared to Angels we are quite
        dumb. But if we don’t use our minds [ reason;
        logic; investigation etc. ] then what’s the point
        of “asking, seeking, knocking”? All three presume
        TRUST [ also a gift ] in our faculties and their use.
        “All is Grace [and our hoped-for/ expected response
        to Grace]” —both St. Teresa and Thérèse.


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