One thought on “Bishop Declares Disney The Perfect Example For The Church

  1. Great sneeze [ @1:11 ], Anthony! Perhaps a fitting response
    —honouring our healthy, God-given nostrils —in expelling
    foreign irritants. But back to Disney . .

    Would Walter, after listening to and thanking the viewers
    and the fans of his films, STOP making further movies
    just to freeze and preserve so-called “listening-and-
    thanking” moments ??

    Of course not ! Mr. Disney, while yet alive, ABOUNDED
    in fresh and exclusive imaginative fare to “feed” the
    cameras and cartoon artists “down the road”. Let his
    archivists “freeze and preserve” L & T moments.

    Same with Frankie. We dam well know that Francis
    is going to say and do what HE [dictatorially] to say
    and do . . which is: NEVER BEFORE taking a break
    from the latest bout of “synodalizing”, of L & Th to
    naive pipers barfing up their “feelings”. That would
    be to let the cat out of the bag. The “Cat”, after all,
    is precisely the latest batch of “feelings”, garnered
    for Frankie’s “moderating” commentary or
    apostolic letter.


    Thoughts inspired by rampant forest fires
    along the eastern rim of the Rockies:

    WOKE is incarnated smoke, of
    Fires burning up nature’s grown crop,
    Of green, succulent saplings and other
    Moist and nectarean applings.

    Woke is bluish and broke,
    Asphyxiating one’s breathing,
    Bulging one’s eyes, an interloper’s
    Choke hold, coughing one’s self
    AWAKE, no longer Woke.


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