2 thoughts on “Bishop Barron’s Secret Meeting About Internet Trads

  1. Anthony, I think you are a genius!! Stand up a second website/blog/vlog that does nothing but satire of the modernist insanity!!! Sign me up! I’ll be your first subscriber.

    There’s nothing more deadly to a movement than satire. 😉 You’d be doing the Church a huge service. And I think you’d feed your family well at the same time, because YT won’t get it and therefore won’t block you.


  2. Good program. Barron has envisioned himself as a peacemaker or bridge between our Vatican II, essentially Protestant, Church and those Catholics who understand what has happened to the Church and wish to return to its true orthodox beliefs, and where Popes and Bishops vigorously supported those beliefs.

    Now, unfortunate for Barron, he has been exposed as an appeaser and double-talker, Vatican II supporter and an enemy of Catholic orthodoxy. Thus his anger.


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