Bishop Barron & The SSPX: The Real Story, & Why Catholics Worship In Latin

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The motive behind Bishop Barron allegedly giving faculties to an SSPX priest in his diocese may surprise you.




Why Catholics Worship In Latin



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10 thoughts on “Bishop Barron & The SSPX: The Real Story, & Why Catholics Worship In Latin

  1. Hello Anthony,

    The video “Why is the mass in Latin” was very interesting. I only attend the Latin Mass and I love the Holy Mass. While I dont understand Latin (very basic Latin), I know where I am in the mass at any given time. The Holy Mass is very clear to me in what is it displays, which is, the “Passion of Jesus Christ”. This is what I mediate on while in the Holy Mass and always pray the sorrowful mysteries of the Holy Rosary after mass and recall moments it Holy Mass that match the sorrowful mystery.

    I look forward to any further videos or “deep dives” regarding this issue.

    Thank you Anthony.

    1. Mr. Samuel . . FIRST of all, thank you for your extended research;
      I’m not a scientist, whether physical, social, or any other field.
      So, appreciate your shared research. SECONDLY, I’m not a
      REGULAR follower of Michael Voris or his blogs, so I’d like
      to get HIS “take” on “lying about sspx and the three popes”.
      THIRDLY, are you yourself a practising Catholic, faithful to
      the Sacramental Life of the Church ??
      FOURTHLY, I’m not “attacking you for mentioning B. Barron.
      Very selective here, Mr. Sam. Here’s what I challenged you
      with: ” . . . your very poorly through-through, and wildly
      composed AD HOMINEM critique is helpful to NO ONE —
      neither to Mr. Stine, nor to Micahel Voris, nor to Bishop
      Barron, nor to the SSPX, and least of all, TO YOURSELF.”

      You seem to be a very negative fellow, with a quick
      “mad-on” for individuals who are not in sync
      EMOTIONALLY with your FEELINGS about persons,
      issues, and events. I’m sorry if I have hurt them! Have
      had a life-long temper myself; got it from my Mom
      (R.I.P. 2012).

      “Just here to fill posts” ?? Not at all. I’m basically
      about remembering, reminding fellow Catholics,
      and passing on the DNA of the Catholic Faith,
      namely the Mass of the Ages, its Ordained Ministers
      the Priests, and THEIR maintaining the Presence
      of Jesus —”the Real Presence” —through the
      Consecration of the Host at each Mass, reserved
      in each tabernacle of every Catholic Church
      throughout the world, for Adoration of the Blessed
      Sacrament, but also for bringing to the sick and
      the dying.

    2. Did Escrivà himself set up this kind of a “cultish”
      agenda for his followers before he passed on
      in 1975,

      Also the last in the Od/ cult comparison by a
      former numerary is 2003 . . at least the article
      provides no further comparisons. Surely, by now,
      2023, there have been fundamental changes?
      [ Sorry, haven’t yet done that research myself ]
      . . because OD remains an Ecclesial Association
      and hasn’t been cancelled by the Vatican, so
      far as I know.

      The BITE model on “Cult” is the product of
      highly-developed contemporary Social Sciences,
      finely humanized. Not sure if, or how, to trust
      that evidence without further input from CURRENT
      CEO’s/ former supernumeraries.

      I still have the one question: are you. a practising
      Catholic, faithful to the Church’s Sacramental

  2. If the Latin Mass, the Apostolic Mass, the Mass of
    the Ages . . of the Apostles . . IS what it’s said to be
    [ of the AGES; of the CHURCH] it will last through
    all current and future vicissitudes.

    In other words, how can the VICTIM —offering, and
    BEING offered — cancel HIS OWN Eternal Sacrifice?

    Pope Francis —”HANKY-PANKY-Frankie” ?? . . or
    his politically-minded, very-much-TEMPORAL handlers
     —can try as he/they like to CANCEL the Mass of the
    Ages altogether [ . . and BE STUCK with Bugnini’s
    skeletal NO make-over], but he/they’re dealing
    with the DIVINE VICTIM on Calvary, “now and
    forever”, risen and reigning in GLORY, with the
    Father and the Holy Spirit.

    Let Eucharistic Adoration remain AND FLOURISH
    on Earth. . . He’ll ALWAYS be THERE . . and where
    One (Person) of the Holy Trinity is THERE the Other
    Two HAVE TO BE.

    INSEPARABLE. Can’t manipulate, exploit, choreograph,
    twist, falsify, alter, misrepresent, corrupt the GODHEAD !

    Ideologues will only do that TO THEMSELVES, in their
    attempts to “play” with the Father, the Son, and
    the Holy Spirit.

    ASH WEDNESDAY coming up! . . check that end-game
    DUST again —mine, yours, ALL creatures — only the
    MASS OF THE AGES, offered everywhere for all time,
    will be the cause of our Dust being restored into its
    Risen and Glorified Body, come the Final Judgment.

    ” . . ALL praise and ALL thanksgiving be every moment
    THINE” !!

  3. Remember what Jesus said: “Test the spirits”: In other words do your do diligence before accepting as truth something that could be specious. Also, remember what Pope Benedict said after he was relegated to a secluded home in the Vatican where he was not permitted to receive anyone unless they had papal permission. He asked for prayers that he not be devoured by the “wolves”.

    1. It’s gotta be irritating as all get out for someone like voris who thinks his ‘stuff’ doesn’t stink by a less than conservative like Barron undercut the likes of voris’ ‘lies and falsehoods’ got exposed. Voris professed on twitter THREE popes claimed sspx was in schism, which turns out to be a ‘lie and falsehood’ all on its own. It’s been posited that Voris has the backing of Opus Dei. Cults like this have got to be defeated and exposed.

      1. Mr. SAMUEL, you’ve got to be doing a LOT more
        “testing of spirits”! Opus Dei, for one, is NOT a “cult”.

        Secondly, define your terms: “. . someone like Voris . . ”
        ” . . stink . . “; ” . . all on its own . . “; ” It’s been
        posited . .” by whom?? UNPACK THESE PLEASE!

        You had better do a LOT MORE research and STUDY
         —like, how about Opus DEI HISTORY? . . its founder
        SAINT José Maria Escrivà . . have you read his life?

        Otherwise, your poor knowledge of your topic and
        your very poorly thought-through, and wildly-
        composed AD HOMINEM critique is helpful to
        NO ONE —neither to Mr. Stine, nor to Michael
        Voris, nor to Bishop Barron, nor to the SSPX, and
        least, of all TO YOURSELF.

        Take an on-line course in English grammar,
        English composition, and the difference between
        AD HOMINEM “ranting” and objective DEBATE . .
        i.e. giving R E A S O N S for your “take” on
        an issue . . without “clobbering” others and THEIR
        “take” on the same issue.

        1. you wrote: “Otherwise, your poor knowledge of your topic and your very poorly thought-through, and wildly- composed AD HOMINEM critique is helpful to NO ONE —neither to Mr. Stine, nor to Michael Voris, nor to Bishop Barron, nor to the SSPX, and least, of all TO YOURSELF.”

          You accused me of ad hominem critique , wildly so, including Barron among others… i think you made your point , don’t you? Then you suggested i take an English grammar and composition course online… Talk about RANTING sir!! I have read your past posts … you have a lot to learn about yourself before casting aspersions, on anyone.

          See new Tweets
          Michael Voris
          does not get to “secretly” support SSPX and appear to have support by association from good bishops like
          . The SSPX is in schism. 3 popes in a row have said so. It is not “faithful” or Catholic to sneakily support schism.
          10:59 AM · Jan 4, 2023
          Anthony does a marvelous and one of my go to favorites. I was just pointing out, with a possible future episode regarding Voris and his background, whether he is backed by this cult or not but especially considering WHY he has this intense hatred, for YEARS now, regarding sspx. There is definitely something ‘off’ , not right about Voris. It is not out of the realm of possibility and some have written about Opus Dei and their workings, from former adherents no less. What Voris has written more than a month ago is an outright LIE which he has not recanted.


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